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Can I put a DVD subtitle track on a Final Cut Express film?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) December 29th, 2007

Is there a way to put a subtitle track onto the video without just putting titles over the video? Is there some way of putting closed captions on so they only appear when you turn them on in Quicktime? I only have Final Cut Express HD.

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This was a feature that was supposed to be included with QuickTime pro with the release of Leopard, but it never reached fruition; the folks I talk to at apple say that in a ‘future release’ we can expect to see a closed captioning interface incorporated into QuickTime.

As for now my colleagues are using the titling feature in DVD Studio Pro to create captions, but there’s currently no dedicated app that Apple has that does this (easily). At leas that I’m aware of…You may want to check out TitleLab (3rd party app) as it does cc; also on the windows side, Camtasia also has this feature.

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also try MovCaption-I found it on

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