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New York loft or San Diego shack? Whats your dream house?

Asked by kerryyylynn (357points) June 14th, 2009

I could go two ways; an edgy and modern loft in New York City, or a cozy and small beach house in San Diego. Im trying to figure out which one I would most enjoy living in when Im old enough to have a house of my own.

Add more details yeah?

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A huge tree house in a jungle… or maybe just a nice cabin in the mountains.

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It has to be waterfront. I can look out of my window now and see the stars reflecting in the water. I can hear it lapping on the jetty. There is nothing better.

(Except around dawn on Sunday morning when the hoons on their Jetskis and in their Ski boats start racing up and down.)

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My dream houses is a large house on a large lot. I don’t want one of those big houses plastered against other houses and I don’t really want to have a big house in the city. I want one not isolated in a rural area, but in an area like Los Altos Hills, which is suburb-like but where the houses are big enough and have a big space. It doesn’t have to be gigantic, but preferably around 4000 or more square feet (it also depends on whom I’m living with). I’d like it to have a pool and lawn space, but also room for plenty of gardens as I am a bit of a gardener. As for the location, I prefer California, but it doesn’t have to be.

I can’t really think of a specific design or real specific amenities and features I would want; I would probably have to see examples and then choose from them.

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A few places—a modern house in the hills of LA, a modern flat/loft in london, and an older victorian in SF someplace similar.

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A little cabin on several acres of the south shore of Lake Superior.

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I have four… :X

A classy/chic upscale loft in the heart of Manhattan. Wood floors, huge windows with a great view of the city.

A beach house in Malibu, near all the big celebrities. Great pool, great view, lots of square footage.

A winter house in the Rockies. One with a log cabin feel, but much too luxurious to be just a little cabin. Cathedral celings, huge fireplace, a balcony. Mmm.

And lastly.
Just a cute little house in Jersey, one near Lake Hopatcong, so I can be close to family, and be able to go out on the boat.

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Townhouse in Gospel Oak, London, UK
Cottage in the Lake District, UK
Manhattan-facing pied-à-terre loft in Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY

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I would like a little mountain retreat, somewhere totally isolated.

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I could go for a nice 40 acre beach front estate.

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