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Did I just embarrass myself on Facebook?

Asked by kevbo (25662points) December 29th, 2007

I made a half naked comment on a half naked photo. The item popped up in my mini-feed. Does that mean it went out on my news feed to my friends and relatives?

I immediately hid the story and set everything to not publish.

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Yes, when you make comments anywhere, including photos, group walls, discussion boards, etc. (until you change your settings so that doesn’t happen), it will show up in the mini-feed when people look at your profile, and also on all your friends’ news feeds on their homepages.

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God, that’s embarrassing. Thanks.

So, I assume changing the settings isn’t retroactive?

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You can still delete the comment. Just click “delete comment” and it should be gone for life

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also you can delete stuff from your own profile’s mini-feed by clicking the Xs. Also you should consider permanently disabling comments . As for the actual question itself, once you delete it from your feed it does not go to any one else ‘s feed

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Deleted the comment as you suggested. So am I correct (finger’s crossed) in understanding it’s not going to show up anywhere? I did hide the mini-feed story.

Thank you both in my moment of need.

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yeah, if the comment was deleted, AND it was hidden from the mini-feed, it should be effectively neutralized. this seems to work, i have had to do it too many times for my own good

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Removing the comment from the mini-feed is enough to hide it from others, unless they have access to the profile that you commented on.

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