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What can cleanse my palate of mint?

Asked by teira (236points) December 29th, 2007

All too often I find myself wanting to eat something immediately after chewing gum or brushing my teeth, and it makes almost everything taste super mega nasty. Much like a palate cleanser when wine tasting, is there something that can clear my mouth of the minty taste before I chow down on oranges or what have you?

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I think mint is one of those flavors that just has to wear off. It’s the same thing with toothpaste…If you brush your teeth in the morning, then go have a glass of orange juice, it’s downright terrible. From experience, it just has to wear off.

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Maybe sorbet it’s used to cleans the palate between courses at meals

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“neutralizes mint” turns up zero results on Google

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I’ve found that really flushing some water through my mouth helps a bunch with the minty aftertaste.

You might also try coffee… it neutralizes smells, so maybe it would work with minty taste?

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Wine would do it.

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I agree with gooch.

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Well, it’s a case of the cure being worse than the disease, but activated charcoal would do it.

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It’s the sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste that makes things taste bad afterwards. It is used to make it foamy, but it also does something to your sweet tastebuds and makes things more bitter and sour. I don’t know if gum has it too though. You can get toothpaste without it.

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