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Is there a saying you cannot stand?

Asked by Supacase (14558points) June 17th, 2009

Mine is “bringing the outdoors in.” Every decorator on TV talks about it. Every magazine, website or book on things to do with kids mentions it. It is no longer a novel idea by any stretch of the imagination and I cringe when I hear it.

I don’t want the outdoors inside. If I want the outside, I’ll walk out the door.

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“Back in the day”—hate it.

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Keep on keepin’ on.

Six and one half dozen of the other.

Same difference.

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“Boys will be boys” – that means “I can’t control my kids and I don’t care”.

“I could care less”, which is the exact opposite of what they think they’re saying.

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“It is what it is.”

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@Frankie – Every thing you said PLUS

@mammal – Everything you said PLUS

@autumn43 – Everything you said.

That is the complete list.

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“We’re going green!”

What does this even mean, exactly?
Thank God it happens less these days, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had this going as a marketing ploy.
Using energy efficient lightbulbs is great! but does that mean you can claim your business is going green?

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“time goes by faster when your busy”

“you look busy today”
uggg I HATE them both

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Think outside of the box. Most. Over. Used. Line. At. Work. EVER!.

That’s so random! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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“Ignorance is bliss.” No, ignorance is ignorant and stupid.

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“You’ve gotta walk the walk, not just talk the talk.” and variations thereof.

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“She or he is a late bloomer.”

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OMG – text and saying it

That’s how I roll

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`is it in yet?’ :(

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“Say What?”
“_____ is my home-boy/girl
“Oh no you di’nt”

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“What it do?” I mean seriously, what does that mean?

“Ya dig?”

Anything containing “nigga” or “shawty”.

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“You can have it” when someone folds to you in poker.

I can have it? Like it’s a gift? You’re giving it to me to be nice? Or you just didn’t have a good hand? I hate it.

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When “lol” is used in an im chat, internet discussion board, etc. Lol especially when it is used to excess lol. Doesn’t matter how educated or intelligent you are, I will be forced to assume you are a semi-literate tween.
Seriously. And nobody is ever really laughing out loud when they type “lol.” Let it drop already!

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I don’t type “lol” unless I actually laugh… If I’m not actually laughing, I type “el oh el” to indicate that I’m making fun of something or mocking text speak.

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@cak I am so with you on that one! Think outside the box! I wish they’d get in the box and mail themselves to Antarctica!

Did I put in enough exclamation points?!?

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“Not a pot to piss in”

Soooo vulgar, and if I was that broke, the last thing I’d worry about is where I piss….

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That’s hot.

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Let me “AXE” you a question…

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@Steven0512 – So you won’t talk to people from New Orleans? That is how they pronounce “ask” and have for generations.

Or as this blogger reports:

“Why do New Orleanians sometimes pronounce ask as ax, as in the Meters’ song, They All Axed Fer You? The answer may surprise you. According to grammar maven Patricia O’Conner, the pronunciation dates back to the 8th century, when the predecessor of ask had two forms: ascian and acsian. In 1386, Chaucer wrote of “a man that… cometh for to axe him of mercy.” And a 1536 translation of the Bible includes lines like “Axe and it shal be giuen you.” It was not until the 17th century that ask supplanted ax.

So if you say ax instead of ask, you’re just a stickler for tradition. Really old tradition.”

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“Knock yourself out.”

“I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.”

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Management speak – “Are we all singing from the same hymn sheet?”


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My son says “ah-ite” instead of all right, and he says “dih-int” for didn’t, both of which irritate me. He also uses a lot of rude, vulgar and disrespectful curse words to my face. However, at least he has learned how to spell the shorter ones now.

And then there is “whatever.”

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@Darwin “aight” and “dient”... yeah, I get your frustration with those.

@RareDenver That’s strikingly similar to “Are we on the same page?”

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1. been there/done that.
2. at the end of the day
3. you know me
4. good times, good times
5. ok, see, here’s the thing…
6. you straight?
7. i’m woke (what some substitute for “i’m awake.”) makes me cringe
8. you know what i’m saying?
9. good morning
10. you got a case of the mondays?

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Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?

You’re as young as you feel.

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@charliecompany34 – I am curious, why “good morning”?

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I hate “how you doing?” in place of hello, or in any other context where the person doens’t expect or want to to actually answer.

Also, when people end a statement with “right?” as though they can’t say something for themselves without my approval.

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@jonsblond: Not too much. I’m just waiting around for some bread I’m making to be ready for the oven. It should be ready in about a half hour. I can’t wait. Bread is so delicious, isn’t it?

What’s up with you?

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I can’t.

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@petethepothead I love bread! What kind are you baking? Pumpkin is my fave!

Me? I’m sitting outside with my husband. He’s grilling some sirloins. Smells so good! We’re listening to Kitty Wells, then Skynyrd, now Ludacris. Beautiful evening, don’t you think?

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I guess it’s just white bread, or regular bread. I tried to make a pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving, but I messed up somewhere, and when I cut it open the inside was still gooey. I should try making some again.

It is a beautiful evening. I was digging up some of the lawn bordering the garden earlier, to make some extra space to plant potatoes. It’s still very cool for mid-June here in New Jersey, which is excellent for working outside.

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@petethepothead We’ve had a cool June here in Illinois. It’s looking like it will warm up this week though. I finally got most of my weeds pulled this morning. What a pain! And a few of my tomato plants have blight. Grrr!

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FYI… (For Your Information) to me is like the colour red to a bull

I. HATE. IT. In email correspondance, i find it so rude and obnoxious, it irks me and sends stabs of irritation into my hands as i type a response. I hate it even more when people say it in general conversation…

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It is what it is.
Let’s touch base.
S/he’s a competitor.
We’re giving 110 percent.
That’s gay.
Full of win.
Made of awesome.
Died of squee.
Thanks in advance.
Hell of.
Big time.
Oh. My. God.
No problem.
Catch you on the flip.
Not if I see you first.
It’s all downhill.
Your call is important to us.
Long story short.
Limited time only.
But wait, there’s more.

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@frdelrosario You must spend a lot of time feeling pretty damn annoyed.

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Irregardless of the fact…
holy god this makes me crazy!

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@Clair Ooooh, irregardless really gets under my skin.

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every man for himself.

we should work together and learn to cooperate.

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in a perfect world but sometimes it has to be every man for himself or you end up trampled underfoot

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in god’s eyes….

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What would Jesus do.

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Wow, no one’s said “happy camper”.

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I thought of two more. Cool beans and squared away.

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Wow, if I were to go by this thread, I can’t say anything. :P

And “cool beans” is just about my favorite phrase. I always use it when I’m sarcastically telling my friends something is cool. It usually indicates that I’m uninterested. They’ll say something I don’t care about and I’ll be like “cool beans, dude”. (It’s usually meant as a joke…I’m not that rude).

One saying I hate with all of my being is “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. FUCK that saying. It’s the cause of so many problems…

I like what this guy said about “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”:

More like the sleaziest form of being too dumb or too lazy to come up with your own ideas, I’d say.

And I think people are really confusing sayings with slang terms.

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I hate it when you are telling someone a story about something kinda bad or jacked up that happened and when you finish telling your story they go “That’s OK, once when I was in high school…” like, your story sucked and theirs is better.

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@DominicX Speaking of annoying things people do and say… said ‘rod.’

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@Clair: One of my favorite things to do is to giggle at words near ones that would normally make people laugh. The best opportunity came up for me once in a discussion of prison systems. Someone said “penal colony,” to which I snickered and replied, “You said ’colony’!”

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@MacBean – I do that all the time. “He’s in the pole position” “you said the” I love it.

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/Shoots self in foot.

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@Clair – what if it’s proceeded by “Would you like some marshmallow”

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@Bri_L Not as bad to my ears, equally makes me nauseous.

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@Clair – heheh. me to. I od’ed as a kid.

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“I’ve been to That rodeo.” “From your lips to God’s ears.” (trying to think of something not mentioned yet) and a….....LOL !!! Funny answers; esp the one about Antarctica. LOL !! (ok)

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@Darwin So we’re not giving the residents of New Orleans credit for their knowledge of ancient history they deserve?? I’ll AXE you again, since I’m so cultured: So we’re not giving the…..

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My Most Hated which is unfortunate since it’s relatively new:
“it’s all good” esp when it sucks.

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Any expression where someone attempts to modify the word “Unique”.

Explanation: Either something is unique or it is not.

It is always incorrect to modify that adjective with words such as:

really, quite, very, absolutely, kind of, somewhat, totally, nearly, sort of, especially.

It’s like the word pregnant. Either she is or she is not.

The same is true for dead, missing, and original.

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