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Am I forgiven for being off of Fluther for a VERY long time?

Asked by hoteipdx (251points) June 17th, 2009

I have not been “tapping the collective,” but now that I need it, I am retapping. How guilty should I feel?

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We knew you would come crawling back!

Not guilty at all. Some people need a break.

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How guilty? Not at all. Return light-hearted and obligation-free. Can I say welcome back even though I think you must have left before I joined?

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You have to give me 5 lurve everyday for the rest of june. :)

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I forgive you!

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We’re all jealous that you have a life.

thell us about it.

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What’s your secret?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Make us pancakes and all will be forgiven.

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I don’t even know who you are, so I ain’t mad at ya.

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I haven’t been here for awhile. Now I don’t see any old fluther friends. Hope they are still around.

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@cdwccrn It’s good to see you!

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@cdwccrn . . .i’ve always loved your answers. they always make me remember there is a “little guy” we need to stand up for.

some have made me remember that the “little guy” needs to stand up for himself too.

Thank you.

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Thanks! Hi to all!

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Hi, @cdwccrn! Welcome back.

Hello, hoteipdx! How do you do?

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Hello! I don’t know either of you but welcome back.

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Of course! Welcome back!!!

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This isn’t a cult. You’re allowed to leave, and take breaks, and have a life apart from this site.

BUT, we’re glad to have you back!

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@cdwccrn, I remember you. Nice to see you back.

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I’m always sad when people are gone, and happy when they return. Welcome back!

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Yes, but not for using “off of” in a sentence.

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Astrochuck and augustlan, I’ve missed you!!

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@cdwccrn- Perhaps you need to practice your aim.

Likewise. Where in Hell have you been?

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@cdwccrn It’s nice to see you again!

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Tap us! we totally lurve it!

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“off of” oh my!

I meant to say “away from”.

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We universally pronounce you Not Guilty by association of attending to other things in life besides Fluther. Now that you’ve come back, we demand that you ask and answer questions at a furious pace until we’re all physically exhausted or we run out of material to post, whichever comes first. By the way, welcome back (and you’re forgiven too!) =)

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