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Girls: Do you ever take your boyfriend/Husband etc shopping with you?

Asked by maria523 (32points) June 21st, 2009

Girls do you ever drag that special someone out to the mall shopping with you? If so, do they really mind it? I’ve tried to get my bf to come shopping with me from time to time and he just doesn’t seem to like it, is there anyway I could possibly change that?

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Of course :D
And when he’s in the mood for it he actually likes it! It’s his only opportunity to persuade me in to buying stuff that HE likes ;)

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Yes, my boyfriend comes to the mall with me sometimes. No, you shouldn’t try to change your boyfriend or get him to do things he doesn’t want to do.

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I get asked to participate only in clothes purchases, never shoes or accessories. She trusts my judgment regarding outfits, but not shoes or other items. To me one pair of red shoes look pretty much like another pair. The same with handbags.

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You can’t change them :(

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@Tink1113 I take it you’re speaking from experience haha.

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Sure, try to make him do something he doesn’t want to do, only if you are willing to do something you don’t want to do, in return.

It’s not fair to try to change him, if he doesn’t like shopping, he doesn’t like it. Go with a friend, you really don’t need to be with him 24/7 and it’s always good to get away, for a few hours, with your girlfriends.

My husband is the shopper, in our house. I hate shopping. I agree to go a few times a year, but I’m not a casual shopper, at all. He’s learned this about me and appreciates the peace and quiet he gets when he goes alone.

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My shopping gene is fully functional. It might even be hyper-functional. I love to go shopping, and my wife and I do eveything together; clothes shopping, appliance shopping, grocery shopping, even just window shopping (which isn’t the same as shopping for windows). She of course gets embarrassed when I take something slinky off the rack in the women’s clothing dept, hold it up to myself, and say in a loud voice, “Does this make my butt look big?” Or if she calls out to me to come over to see something by saying “Honey, come here will you?” I always reply “Shh, careful with that honey stuff, my wife might be around here.”

I’m one of the few, the proud, the man that lurves to shop. I probably should be cloned…naw, that might not turn out very well after all.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra heh! Now, that could make shopping fun!

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@cak, tell your husband I’ll be right over to go shopping. :-)

I like to make everything fun, if possible. Well maybe not funerals and other somber moments, but I’ve heard that the more fun you have, the longer you live.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Come on over! I’ll have the beers ready when you guys gets back.

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We shop together fairly often like at Walmart or Lowe’s or the grocery store. Mall, clothes or shoe shopping is much rarer – usually when we are out of town. He comes willingly, holds my purse, doesn’t grumble and is patient. Maybe it is because it is only a couple of times a year that he is so pleasant about it.

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I almost always go shopping with my husband. But, he can get bored because if I’m getting multiple outfits, I try them on over and over and like taking my time. So, I prefer to go alone. Also, if we’re together then that means we have our boy and he does not do well at one store for extended periods.

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@maria523 – Haha yeah but when I go to the mall with my guy friends I always have at least two girls too because we separate so we can shop or else the guys will tell us to hurry up

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When my husband was healthy, and before we had kids, he used to come shopping with me. He always said he enjoyed it, but I noticed he had a second sense for finding comfortable places to sit. He also tended to shop with his eyes closed, the same way he watches television.

Actually, though, if I take him to a large electronics store, his eyes light up something rare.

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I don’t like for my husband to shopping at a mall with me. He hates it and that makes me feel like I should hurry, which I don’t always want to do. I do prefer to him to go grocery shopping though. If I go by myself he complains about what I bought and says I didn’t buy anything “good”, i.e. snacky cakes and cheese curls.

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Nope. I’ve tried, and he’s come along a few times, but it’s not fun for him, and that makes it not fun for me. Why would you try to make him do something he clearly isn’t into? Find a girlfriend to go with.

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I did when I was in a relationship. I asked because I wanted his input on what looked good or not and also so that I could get an outfit that he and I liked. When he asked me to go with him, for the same reasons, I had no problem returning the favor.

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I never take him if i’m shopping for clothes cause I know I’ll want to take my time and try stuff on. He’ll go with me if we’re just shopping for house stuff or food. I hate feeling rushed when I’m shopping for my own stuff.

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Yep, we shop together <3

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Actually the one who drags here is my husband, he really likes to buy me clothes and wait for me outside the fitting rooms, he takes care of the kids, I am the one who gets bored at the mall :(

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No. I don’t take anyone shopping with me because I HATE shopping and I just like to go, get what I need and leave. If I take people with me then I run the risk of them wanting to “mooch” round other shops which always puts me in a bad mood. If I can get something online then I will.

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Of course, who else is going to carry my bags?~

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