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How are you like each of your parents? Similiar in personality, likes/dislikes, looks?

Asked by Jude (32198points) June 24th, 2009

I’m a spitting image of my Momma, yet, dark brown hair and blue eyes (Mom had red hair and green eyes). Vertically challenged like my Mom’s side, love theatre, poetry, pretty empathic; very strong (emotionally); I don’t put up with your sh*t, like Mama :o), independent, compassionate, and a witty sense o’ humour. My Mom was more of a family person (came from a home with 7 brothers and sisters). And, for me, family is the most important thing.

Like Pops: dark hair (French side of the fam), love animals, good with people, appreciates aesthetics (loves flowers, art, fashion).

My Mom was more reserved (very private), but, Pops is extremely outgoing and put more of himself out there. I am more like my Dad in that respect. I’m a bit of a procrastinator like my dear ol’ Dad.

Both parents LOVED music, and were (are) smart people (my Mom has passed away)..

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Looks: I don’t look like either one. I look exactly like my maternal grandfather.

Mother: I can be very shrewd like my mother when necessary.

Father: I get my love of music, patience, and ability to work with my hands and figure out most things from my dad.

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I’m the older sister in my family. I’m very much like my father both physically and mentally. We have an old picture when he was in his teens that looks exactly like a picture of me in my teens, complete with long hair :)

My younger sister is very much like my mother physically and mentally. But at the same time I would say she had a better relationship with my father than I did, and I was closer to my mother than she was.

We lived in a household which fostered creativity both musically and artistically, and I can see elements of both my parents and my sister in the crafts I create.

My partner is honestly a clone of his dad, although he got his mother’s side of hair genetics. His younger brother is completely opposite of the two, not having known his mother I can’t say whether he’s like her or not but I imagine it is so.

Ah genetics, so interesting!

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I’ve got my smile, my sense of humor, my need to take life slowly and my impatience (and grouchiness) at times from my Dad.

From my Mom, I’ve got my brains, my love of reading, my love of hiking, my cooking ability, my occasional abrasiveness and my love of movies.

From both of them I’ve got a cultural Jewish identity, a liberal world view and an interest in people and what makes them tick.

I even look like both of them; short, curly haired and mall eyed.

But…I am much mroe self-aware than either of them.

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@janbb I’ve never heard the term “mall-eyed”. What does it mean?

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I gained MPB from my Mom’s side of the family, I have the distinct Irish nose and chin from her as well, and I am the spitting image of one of her second cousins. I get my creativity and sense of the absurd from her Dad’s younger brother, (the one that spent 60 years in a funny farm).

I had my Dad’s thinly enameled teeth, now I wear dentures and the big ears are identical to his. I did gain my Dad’s wicked sense of humor to make up for it, I get my love of animals and skepticism from Dad, as well as a love for the great outdoors, a desire to fix things, and that infamous Belgian mule-headedness. It’s funny, my older brother has my Dad’s hairline (no hair loss) but his temperament is more like Mom’s.

Everything else is my own or was picked up from other people who influenced me.

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I don’t know my biological parents.

I have one photo of myself as an infant being held by my BM. I look almost exactly like her, but with lighter skin, straighter hair and a longer, thinner nose. She, my aunt and I all have my grandmother’s eyes.

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I think the only things I got from my Dad is his sense of humor, social awkwardness, and hair.

Things I got from my mom: Bad eyes, bad skin, fat ass, obnoxiousness, insanity, her face and build, and a whole bunch of negative personality traits that I wish to blind you all from knowing about.

From both: A love of nature, family values, love of food.

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Mother: Practicality and creativity

Father: Kick ass ask questions later.
Understanding that it is not what you do but how to put money in your pocket.

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Sometimes when I look ‘professional’ and put my glasses and make up on, I, at certain angles, really remind myself of my mother in terms of looks – my body composition and a tendency towards acne comes from my father but I look most like his mother…

In terms of my personality, I’m told by my mother that I’m a lot like my father and that that is the reason why we so often don’t get along – we are both hard workers and stick to our beliefs and we are both stubborn when it comes to others thinking they can do things better than us – he was not in my life a lot and I have a lot of resentment towards him but I know that despite all our issues and in spite of himself, he sees himself in me, he sees his personality, his haughtiness and pride in me…that is why, when necessary, of all the others in my family, my father comes to me with concerns because he knows that no matter what he asks me for, I will do it and will do it well and that I’m much more likely to overwork myself to death than let someone less capable do what I’m asked to do

I am also a lot like my mother who moves quickly and can handle any emotional blow with strength, though she’s becoming more and more vulnerable and I’m becoming less vulnerable…we’ve had our problems as well, she has both given me confidence in myself and taken it away often…I gained from her a kind of decisiveness I would say and that when I say something, I do it, when I promise something, I do it…neither of us are wishy washy people and though we’re decades apart in terms of how we see social issues, we parent in a similar fashion, sometimes, we’re strict in a similar way, though I’m much less so…

nice Q

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Mom- depression and self-loathing
Dad- paranoia, OCD

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I look a lot like my mother, but did get some features from my father.
I have my mother’s chin, her nose, her large eyes (we have the same contact size). But, I got my father’s metabolism (well, half of it. I can gain weight easier)

Personality wise, I’m much more like my mother. We both take things personally, we both overreact when angry, both have depression history. Those aren’t very positive I guess.
We make a lot of the same expressions, we’re very expressive. We both spit our food into napkins when grossed out (this boths both my husband and father lol)
We’re both emotional and compassionate.

It’s harder for me to think of me as similar to my father. We have a great relationship, but I sometimes feel we have nothing in common. He’s very much into technical things, and fixing stuff…and I’m just not. We both enjoy cars and car races. We’re more simple than my mother, we like to relax more than her. My mother is always moving and we both prefer to have downtime.
Oh, and my mother is OCD clean freak, and I’m definitely not. (neither is my brother) My father is forced to be lol.

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Mom: I got my blond hair and blue eyes from her. I also got my smallness from her. My face kind of looks like a combination of both of theirs. I also look a lot like my older sister. My mom and I both have an interest in gardening, cooking, musicals, clothes, classical music, cats, home decorating, etc. I got my love of food from her, and my extroverted personality in general. My dad is no introvert, but not as outgoing as my mom. I also get my tendency to get angry quickly and then get over it quickly. I don’t get angry very often in real life, though. And neither do either of my parents. I’d definitely say I have more in common with my mom and I’ve always been a “mama’s boy”.

Dad: I definitely got my nose from him. Also, as I said, my face has features of both him and my mom. I share my dad’s interest in technology and computers and always desiring the latest and greatest of those, opera, travelling and maps, cooking (both of my parents are into that), and the outdoors (my mom likes the outdoors and mountains too, but not as much as my dad). I also share my dad’s sense of adventure.

And of course there are plenty of things that are just me.

As for Stanford, both of my parents went there (though they met in high school in Las Vegas) so I’m just following in the family footsteps. :)

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I got my hazel eyes from my moms part of the family I think
I got my sense of humor from my dad.
I can be demanding sometimes like my mom and naggy.

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Physically, I have my father’s hair and eyes. My mother’s nose and mouth. The height on both sides in about the same.

Psychologically, I have my mother’s sense of humor (which can be viewed as either good or bad) and my father’s stubbornness. In the more negative realm, I get a keen sense of paranoia about others actions from my mother. My father’s quick rise to anger occasionally pops it’s evil head in my actions too, but I do my best to squelch that flame.

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I am a true mix of my mother and father. I look like neither, but I resemble them both. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see my dad—dark eyes, dark hair, olive skin and a small forehead. Other times I see my mom—oval face, deep set eyes, cheeckbones. Mostly I see my sister when I look in the mirror.

Personality wise, (to stay positive) I can be intimidating when I need to be, and that is definitely something I got from my dad. I have the “dad look” and the “dad voice”. Most of my emotional reaction to things are due to my mother. We laugh when we are upset or scared, and cry when we are angry or happy. Nut balls.

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I am the spitting image of my father and have so many of his personality traits though we never met until I was a teen. From my mother, I have her voice.

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I am a mirror image clone of my mother….it’s actually disturbing…I also have her voice and LOTS of mannerisms. When people joke about growing up to be your parents I always laugh and say that I already am.

I have my Dad’s taste in food (I LOVE – I mean LOVE – bread and cheese), but I’ve always thought that I didn’t pick up much from him cause he was away a lot when I was really little and then it wasn’t long before my parent’s got divorced and I lived with my mom (so I didn’t see him a WHOLE lot…every other weekend and holidays)...I recently did discover that I have his eye for patterns….we are both REALLY good at games like gin and rummy-cube.

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@jmah – Sorry. I meant “small eyed.” Poor proofreading!

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Mom: You can see that I’m her Choctaw daughter. I probably got my OCD from her also, although my Dad is a perfectionist as well. I didn’t know there was a name for it long after she passed on.
Dad: I got his intelligence, and attention to detail.
Neither: I had nearly perfect teeth, most of my life, no cavities or anything until late middle age.

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I favour my maternal grandmother. In fact, before he died, my father sometimes mistook me for his mother in law (of whom he was very fond). She died before I was born. I did not inherit her persistence and capacity for infinite effort. She was a great woman.

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I look exactly like my father. Our senses of humor are very similar and our stubborn tendencies are identical my mother says.

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I believe I am mostly like my dad with looks and personality. I have picked up the Hungarian genes that my dad has with the bushy eyebrows and dark hair. I am generous, helpful, shy, quiet, and very emotional just like my dad. Although I am mostly like my dad I have picked up some traits from my mother. I am sassy and gossipy just like my mother can be. No matter what personality traits I have or haven’t picked up from my parents I still love them both!

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I am a spitting image of my mother in the face. We are built the same only I’m several inches taller than her. We have different eye/hair color, but our faces are very similar. My daughter is a spitting image of me, so much that it freaks my parents out sometimes. They say they feel like it’s me all over again, except my daughter is very different from how I was at 9 1/2 years old.

I have nothing of my dad in me as far as looks or build. My sister looks just like my dad’s family. Looking at pictures of my dad’s older sister as a child made us all laugh because she looked just like my sister.

As far as personality, I’m kind of my own person and don’t have a lot in common with either of my parents. We have different political and religious views. But, what’s cool is that we all still get along and love each other very much.

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i’ve got my father’s blue eyes, but none of his personality traits (thank god).

people have told my mother on numerous occasions that we look alike. however i’ve come to realize that whenever a teenager is with someone who looks to be old enough to be one of their parents, someone is bound to say “she looks just like you!”, regardless of whether you actually look alike, or are even related.

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