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Best fat loss program?

Asked by tomazizio (20points) June 30th, 2009

what is considered the best fat loss program, yoga? running/jogging? swimming? besides eating proper organic food, not carbs, but vegetables and proteins, etc

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The James Madison 300 Workout. It got me down to 8% body fat and pure lean muscles in about 1 1/2 months.

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Running will typically help you lose weight the fastest.

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I don’t think swimming is that great for fat loss (ever seen a skinny whale? I heard once) and I also think yoga is not great specifically for fat loss. Both of these are wonderful for your body, for stretching and limbering. But for fat loss, aside from reducing calories and eating really well, I think running or walking regularly is most effective. If you can incorporate walking or running into your life somehow, like you need to get from here to there by moving your body, that’s what I think is the very best.

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Burn more calories than you consume.

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Much depends on you personally and what you like or dislike.

One free place to discuss this and try is Spark People it is a site that has a lot of forums and support.

I am sure you can find a program that fits your lifestyle there and can read firsthand what others thought about each program. It itself has a program you can try if you wish- again this is free. What ever you choose to do it works better with support and you will find support there.

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Moderation and exercise. A simple concept but a difficult one to follow.

If all else fails tape this to the refrigerator door.

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@Blondesjon Welcome home- we missed you guys. How are the cats?

True on the moderation and exercise.

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@Blondesjon thanks! I just had to poke my eyes out… again!

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Count how many calories you eat now (buy a salter scale to help you weigh yor food) subtract 500 a day for your diet and add 30 minutes exercise 5 times a week. You should lose 1–2 pounds a week…first week will be more for loss of water.

I do not believe in completely limiting carbs, but of course whole grains, legumes, fruits, are the best way to get them.

By the way I am not a doctor.

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@Dog . . .A bit frosty and ill tempered but otherwise fine as paint.

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The best fat loss program is the one that works for you. Each of us has a different metabolism and reason that we have put on fat, and the only way to be sure is to have a doctor evaluate your own personal program.

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My sister would say cigs and caffiene, but I don’t recommend it.

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there is a a mixture you can make of cinamon, honey and hot water, it supposedly helps you loose weight, prevent cancer, prevent pimples, and several other health issues. it also gives you energy. i had it every morning for 3 days and lost 2 pounds. but it didnt taste to good so i quit drinking it but im still losing weight ive lost 10 pounds since i stopped drinking it

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@Blondesjon “Moderation and exercise. A simple concept but a difficult one to follow.” So are you saying that if make sure my questions and answers violate fluther guidelines and get plenty of exercise that I will lose weight?

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Regular but varied exercise. Some running, some yoga, some weight training, etc. I’d recommend the P90X workout that you’ve likely seen infomercials for. If you commit to it you will definitely see fat loss and muscle gain.

But it’s like they say, abs are made in the kitchen. I’ve got rock hard abs—under that layer of fat. Regular exercise of any kind coupled with a healthy diet should get you results. [Though exactly what kind of results are dependent on a zillion different things. Age, genetics, etc.]

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Walking, I lost 21kg in two and a half months, not changing my eating habits but doing housework and waking 5km a day and drinking a full bottle of water while doing so..:)

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@WifeOfBath That worked for me as well.

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Thank you all for your answers… i will try to anayze the best option… stick to it and post the results… see ya in a couple of months…

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