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What does a protest need to accomplish in order to be successful?

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Consequences. If the people protesting cog up the wheels of the status quo in a way that is costs those in opposition something important such as their safety, food, jobs, reputation, etc.

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I think awareness is the first step. Of course, it’s probably in high hopes that that awareness leads to change, but it doesn’t always.

I dont think they’re supposed to work miracles but to simply aware the public, government, etc. of issues that are important to a significant amount of people in a community.

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It’s objective.

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Shortly after I started high school in September, 1969, we had an anti-war sit-in in the Administration Building. Students occupied all available floor space with overflow outside the building. The police arrived shortly after it began and ordered the students to leave the building. No one moved very quickly but all students ultimately complied. Even though there was no media camera coverage, the story was reported on the news and we felt the anti-war statement had been heard. And that was the goal of that particular protest.

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I think just showing up is an accomplishment. Effecting change would be the goal, though.

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to have taken place… can hope for more, but if it hasn’t actually happened then you probably haven’t achieved the bare minimum…

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I think we should protest @whatthefluther‘s lack of signing his answers ”” as of late.

Seriously, dude. It would brighten my day :[

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@Grisaille…OK, but you have to cover my back if someone misinterprets it again…wtf

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I gotcha back, dawg.

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for the betterment of everyone…

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