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When was the last time/place you seen a rainbow?

Asked by seVen (3478points) July 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

How did you feel about it?
Was it more magical to you when you were a kid than now?

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Last month on the Napali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii. It was a double rainbow and it was awesome. They have rainbows everyday there.

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I finally checked out in/rainbows today.

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We live with a great view over the meadows and we see a rainbow pretty much every month,a couple of times.

They never loose their magic to me. I can still be mesmerized by just looking at them.

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They pop up frequently over the farm I work at. I wouldn’t call anything “magical”, but they sure are amazing to look at.

The most memorable rainbow I’ve seen appeared over the stage at a Who concert I went to years ago. Very cool.

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I saw one last week as I was driving home from work and talking to the gentleman I recently started dating (I have Bluetooth in the car), so I couldn’t get a picture.

In NJ, I dont see them very often… sometimes years pass, so they still seem magical to me. But I have learned to find delight in the ordinary things, so I may be an exception.

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I saw one at work the other day when after a terrible storm passed by. I took pictures of it, but then, photgraphs don’t ever do rainbows justice, unless you have a really good, really expensive camera.

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By Prospect Park in Brooklyn after a rainstorm a couple of weeks ago.

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It was a pretty amazing rainbow.

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I also live in NJ and don’t see them often. However, last Saturday night, we were driving to a restaurant after a rain shower and I saw one. When I lived in England years ago, I saw three in one year! They are atill magical to me.

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April. I was having a sleepover with my best friend. We went to Patterson Park and saw the rainbow.

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I saw the end of a rainbow a couple days ago… It ended on an onld beat up red truck, where is
my pot of gold?!?!

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I see them routinely here since 1) it never stops raining and 2) no matter what I have to do, I drive thru hills and open vistas, fields and biggish sky. Usually at sunset and facing east.

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I’ve probably seen a few since, but the last one I remember was 2003 when crossing the Alps (southbound). Magnificent.

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at our house in NJ a few weeks ago. It had just stormed and it was over the field next to our house.

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Double rainbow in the Colorado Rockies last Sunday. Perfect end to a wonderful vacation!

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This one from two weeks ago, which is strangely resting right on top of Santa Fe.

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Earlier this year there were two days in a row where rainbows appeared right above the 101 in Encino. I’m up on the 20th floor and the rainbows were just outside our windows.

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Plenty of rain here in NYC. I saw one 3 days ina row just past the Brooklyn Bridge while I was driving over it. Wish I wasn’t driving so I could’ve snapped some great photos of the rainbow behind the bridge. Oh well, there’s always photoshop I guess…

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I can see a rainbow any day by turning on my lawn sprinkler, and I often do, just to see it.

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I’m Another NJ guy who doesn’t see too many. The last one I saw was actually on St Patrick’s day, right after a sun shower. It was pretty great.

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when i was watering some flowers with a hose… it was just a regular rainbow

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I saw a rainbow a few months ago after it rained here in Phoenix. It made me feel really good because rain (and rainbows) are something we rarely get here and each occasion we have them is appreciated.

Rainbows are just as beautiful and magical now as they were when I was a child. I still can’t find the end of one though no matter how fast I drive toward it. And I still believe that if I could find the end of one, the proverbial pot of gold would be there along with a friendly Leprechaun.

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I feel silly for not posting this link.

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A couple months ago I saw a stunning one as I was circling an onramp to get on the freeway. I got the bright idea to take a picture of it and I almost crashed into the guardrail. Darn rainbow…

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@jonsblond Thank you, very nice

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I’m a New Jerseyan too and the double rainbows are rare. The last one was when we had our Block Party in Point Pleasant in June and a bunch of us were talking under a tent. It had just got done raining for about 45 minutes and a rainbow appeared making it look like a pot of gold that should have been at the end of our street. LOL Then a 2nd rainbow appeared next to it and everybody was watching them get brighter and brighter. Very cool and magical…..but no pot of gold on our street. :( Definitely a fun Block Party that went on for 12 hours! :)

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i was driving across nevada with a woman i found on craigslist. i was with my friend and i was kind of annoyed for some reason, and i was also nauseous and i just wanted to be out of the car and in my own home but i was thousands of miles away. and then suddenly there was a rainbow. and i love rainbows. and then as we got closer ANOTHER one formed. a double rainbow. it was beautiful. i have pictures :)

the time before that was about a week prior. i was in san francisco, and i thought “how appropriate” :)

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