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Do you find woman with hairy legs attractive?

Asked by bosanac (2points) July 9th, 2009

I love it personally

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Depends on woman [sic]. Woman may be attractive if have hairy legs. Hairy legs not a plus but not necessarily bad.

I find my woman very attractive. She let her leg hair grow out for a while. Not a problem. She wanted to grow it out so it could be waxed off better, but didn’t want to wear skirts in public with hair out of anticipation of other people’s thoughts. Then I helped her do the hot wax thing, which was interesting. Am mostly very happy about legs themselves on woman. Smooth legs also very, very nice. Mmm! It’s all good. ;-)

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Ick. Although, I do skip shaving for days sometimes, but not when I am showing my legs to the outside world.

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Ew. Shit no. Smooth everywhere is the best.

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No. But natural all the other places, yes.

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@SirBailey Including armpits? Ick!

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I didn’t think armpits. No, not there either. Thanks.

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I really hate the idea that a woman’s natural state is somehow icky or imperfect. However, my cultural aesthetic conditioning has skewed my preference for smooth legs. But let me say, when it comes to women who I am (or was) dating I really don’t care if her legs are shaved. And I go for weeks without shaving. I don’t need to be hairless to feel sexy; being hairless is not a requirement for beauty or sex appeal.

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the whole cultural aspect of a completely hairless woman, legs, armpits, genitals, etc reminds me way too much of what an underage girl would look like. I like a woman with some fur. If that means hairy legs, sure, but I better be attracted to her as a person first, though. There is more to a woman than the physical aspect. A great sense of humor and a pleasant personality is far more important than physical features when it comes to what I am attracted to. There is nothing icky about a woman, unless she has a shitty attitude or doesn’t have decent personal hygeine.

sometimes I wonder if the guys that like their women shaved everywhere might be latent pedophiles?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I completely agree with you about the “shaved everywhere” thing. Shaving my legs and armpits is one thing, but being completely bald “down there” is just not something I’m okay with…the way I see it is, you’re sleeping with a woman, not a little girl, and women have hair. Granted, I don’t just let it grow wild down there, but completely bald creeps me out, and guys who are into that creep me out as well.

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@Frankie my wife gets weird when her legs get a little fuzzy, I tell her I don’t mind, as a subtle touch or gentle breath over skin with hair creates a very interesting erogenous form of stimulation. She simply lets the cultural viewpoint of body hair affect her way of thinking too much. She’s learning to get past it though.

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Social norms tell us that we have to shave our body parts because if we don’t, we are disgusting, and even though I do not agree with this, I am weak and shave my legs for social purposes. I don’t think it is gross for women to have hair, we were born with it. I find man hair all over the body kind of off-putting, but that’s socially acceptable.

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Sure. I don’t care one way or the other. Sometimes it’s nice to have smooth legs, but I certainly don’t find women with hairy legs unattractive, and I’m happy to go out in public myself in a skirt or shorts with hairy legs. Granted, I don’t have too much leg hair, but I’ll go a good week or two without shaving and think nothing of it. I don’t have enough free time to be shaving my legs all the time! That’s a lot of milage!

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Only Hobbits

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Come to Europe. Wonderful women wherever you look.

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I think women should be natural. I do not mind girls with hairy legs. I find some women with hair on there body attracked

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