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What were some childhood toys that could never leave your side?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) July 9th, 2009

I remember my transforming power ranger.

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My little white lamb with the pastel flowers around its neck. It’s kinda off-white now but it’s still in my room where I can see it next to my clock everyday!

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I was big on the Transformers.

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Well, I brought my favorite stuffed cat with me everywhere. I still have her; she sits on a shelf in my room; she’s totally beat up…lol

I remember when I was really little, it was a stuffed penguin. And a blanket with the Disney babies on it.

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Bunny, my white stuffed erm, bunny I got for my 5th birthday. Scratched eye, missing tail, all sorts of damage from being so well loved. He’s at my parents’ house a few states away, but I still sleep with him when I visit.

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I have a doll named Molly, she’s freaken creepy looking but I still have her

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My yellow power ranger action figure. The day I dropped her on the concrete and she broke is a day that traumatized me forever.

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I was never really attached to toys, but I recall a stuffed lamb, “Lamby,” I’d sleep with

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My Kitty Karryall doll. There was one time she did leave my side.

Damn Tiger!

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My Bionic Man and Repair Station as well as the Transport Vehicle. Also my Big Josh Action figure. My brother had big Jim. If you bent their arms they made a muscle.

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Tom my teddy. Had him now for 30 years. If I was upset I’d rip an arm or leg off and throw it downstairs to let my parents know how pissed I was. An ex knew this history and on leaving the bitch took his head off! He’s still with me with more cotton than fur and takes pride of place at the bottom of my bed

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i have a yellow bunny i’ve had since i was born. it’s small – about the size of my hand – and his eye was chewed up, but it’s still there. he’s old and soft and fragile looking, but i couldn’t possibly get rid of him.

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My pee pee.

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G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu grip
6 milliion dollar man action figure

Other toys not by my side but close by nevertheless…..

Lincoln Logs
Erector Set
Lite Brite
Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots

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My talking Flip Wilson doll. One side was Flip the other side was Geraldine. When the string was pulled it said stuff like “the devil made me buy this dress.” Man I loved that thing. I also loved my Spirograph and the game of Life.

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my stuffed eel

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My stuffed monkey, which I named Monkey. I still have her. I either put her on my bed in the morning or prop her up on the top of my dresser. Her hair is all matted down and she is very worn from being loved so much. Once I accidentally went to bed with gum in my mouth and it got stuck to her foot. Oops. Another time I forgot her in an airport bathroom stall. When my mom asked “Where’s Monkey?” I ran all the way back to the bathroom with tears down my face and found her. Thank goodness she was still there. I very well may have died crying if she was gone.
Monkey was (and still is) one of my favorite things in the world.

(Apparently I’m still just as creative when it comes to names – see my username. =])

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My Tonka Dump Truck. I loved using it in the backyard. My all-time favorite stuffed animal, my Fozzie Bear! I still have Fozzie, but his hat is missing. :(

Also among my favorites:

Donny and Marie Dolls (yep!)
Cher Doll
Six Million Dollar man
Easy Bake Oven
Lincoln Logs
View Master
Lite Brite

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OH I also liked my X-Wing fighter where you pushed R2-D2’s head in to open the wings .

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Smurf stuffed toy doll
and…Tamagochi (but I was much older then)

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I suddenly remembered my pogs collection =) which I always kept a watch on..making sure my younger sister doesn’t snatch a piece or two =P

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I have a small tedy bear with a rattle inside that I got at the hospital when I was born. I always have it next to my bed.

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