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Anyone knows of a good program that i can download to use my webcam with msn messenger contacts with my macbook?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) July 14th, 2009
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@wenn i know about that one! LOL, but i need one that is compatible with msn messenger.

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I think MSN Messenger is a free download, although I am pretty sure it comes with Office.

There may be an online client, try logging in online. (Similar to AIM express)

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@2late2be there is a MSNmessenger for macs but you cant use webcam.
you can download Adium, and you can run msn via that application but still cant use webcam.

maybe you can import msn contact into iChat, but im not sure about that. but at least you can webcam with that.

your best bets are Skype or iChat if you want to webcam.

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Try I haven’t webcammed yet, but I like it as a synthesizer of all my IM accounts. In fact, it’s better than any one of them.

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