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What are some good themes/ideas for girls to dress up as for a 23 year old birthday party?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) July 14th, 2009 from iPhone

So it’s one of my friends 23rd birthday party next weekend and she loves to dress up (think skanky halloween) whenever there’s a birthday party or some kind of get together. Our last theme was Heaven & Hell and she dressed up like an angel while me & her other friends were devils. What do you think our new sexy, spicey theme should be for her birthday next weekend?

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sexy superheroes

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They want to dress up like pirates and I’m trying to avoid that at all costs. We’re going to be in a club and we have a vip section for about 8–10 people so only 8–10 of us will be dressed up. I just don’t want to look stupid walking around with an eye patch.

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How about Alice in Wonderland?

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I like @jamielynn2328 ‘s idea. But how about like.. all the Disney Princesses/Girl Characters.

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Well if you hate the pirates idea, obviously you can suggest ninjas.

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Okay, I just want to stress that while they want to stick a theme, I still want to look semi-normal. Wearing an all black ninja suit might make people a little nervous….lol.

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My younger cousin dressed up as… not sure what to call it, but maybe a USO/pinup girl circa WWII with the cocked military cap (the one that’s soft and two pointed), a partially buttoned white blouse and sort shorts to match the cap. Plus, high contrast makeup, etc. She looked pretty hot ‘n’ sassy.

Edit:: aviator sunglasses and leather jacket

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This isn’t necessarily a theme, but I know I have absolutely had my heart set on being Lady GaGa for Halloween this year, because everything about her just screams COSTUME. My best friend is being Amy Winehouse and we are gonna tear shit up together.

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Hippie Chicks (Everything 60s seems to be back in.)

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Barbie – she has had enough careers for everyone to wear something totally different and still be in theme. I can’t get the link to embed properly, so here it is:'s_careers

Then of course you have the whole list of other Barbies like Malibu Barbie, Biker Barbie…

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@Supacase That Barbie idea is awesome!

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Me and my friends always threw themed parties where we could dress skanky.

We did a Risky Business party where we dressed in just cute panties and button down shirts. Another time we threw a Lingerie party. What the hell was wrong with us. You can do it in a little more tasteful way I wore litte shorts under my button down and did a corset top and a little skirt for the lingerie one. If that makes it any better

Just remember at these kind of parties invite guys that you know can handle seeing a bunch of girls in there panties does that even exsit

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Shit sorry didn’t read the part where your at a club. I don’t think mine would work very well in a public setting

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what about a color theme? black and pink is pretty standard.

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Yeah I think I’m just going to show up dressed normal. If they want to look like idiots dressed as pirates in a nightclub, so be it.

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