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Where can I buy sage to burn in NYC/Brooklyn area?

Asked by drhellno (40points) July 19th, 2009

I want to cleanse my house, where can I buy a bundle of sage to ritually burn. And does it need to be dried first?

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I don’t know specifically where, but do a google search for pagan, wiccan, native american, metaphysical, new age, smoker, occult, magick, incense, and herbal shops in your area. It’s a fairly common item among those places. You shouldn’t have that much trouble.

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It needs to be dried because it won’t really burn if it is fresh.

The places ubersiren mentioned will work well. Or you can get some fresh at any grocery or farmer’s market and dry it yourself.

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^Tru dat.

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There’s a guy who sells it at a table at 15th St and Union Square West (across from the square, on the north side of 15th St just in from the corner). If he’s not there that day, try walking around the market.

And it does need to be dry first, but it generally comes that way.

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What hood in Bklyn?

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You could also grow a pot of sage yourself. We have it planted in our back yard, and if you lived any where near me, you’d be welcome to come pick some of it. :)

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I used to sell white sage in my native American store on Christopher. There is another store down the street still sells them.

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Thanks guys! I queried those keywords, and came up with Flower Power on 9th St. b/twn 1st and A.

They had just what I needed, and I wound up getting some elderberry for my girlfriend’s fever as well.

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