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Tight on money but my sisters 21st birthday is comming up and me and my mom don't know what to do that would be fun but inexpensive any ideas?

Asked by Bel665 (13points) July 24th, 2009 from iPhone
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Are you looking for gifts or party ideas?

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I gave my son and his best friend who shares a birthday a trip to a casino, plus $25 cash each. They partied all night on that.

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How inexpensive are we talking? I don’t want to make suggestions thinking they are inexpensive if it’s out of your ballpark for this bday

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Well I mean trip to Vegas out of question my sister has no job therefore se can’t pay for anything my mom is willing to pay some money but not lot maybe a couple hundred and I’m willing to pitch in some too

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Go together to a all day pass amusement park like Six Flags.

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@Bel665 There are casinos in all but 13 states. You don’t have to go to Vegas to find a casino anymore, however, you have still not give us a ball park figure. Do you have a few dozen dollars, or a few hundred, or less than a thousand?

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Treat her to a nice, dressy dinner with a friend or her boyfriend. Treat her like an adult. Then ditch your mom (or not, depending on your family) and take her to a club that is 21+ or a music event that is 21+ (house of blues tends to have these) or a bar that only lets folks of age in because anyone else is a waste.

The nice dinner will probably run you $30 – 50 a head. The high end is if you include fancy alcohol. If you can, find a nice place near you that lets you BYOB. Then get a decent bottle of wine or six pack to cut down on costs. The club, I have no idea as that cost varies wildly depending on where you live. In VA, the only club I went to charged $5 cover and was very reasonable about drink prices. I’m pretty sure in Chicago that is less true.

If you do take her to dinner, find a place you want to go. Look at the menu online. Decide if the price is right for you. If not, look at another place and their menu online.

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if your mom is willing to pay a couple hundred, and you said you have some money to chip in also, you could have a party with that. or you could take some friends to dinner.

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In addition to a gift, send her a long letter, mailed, with a stamp, telling her why she is so important to you. She will never forget it in this “new world”.

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@dannyc, that is an awesome idea. I just may do that for all my friends, just to let them know I love them, and it is so much more intimate than those stupid eternally forwarded sappy chain emails.

If l could give you a thousand lurve points for that, consider it done!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra . Your kind response is worth more than any lurve could provide.

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I make all the greeting cards I send, and that seems to mean a lot. It only takes a few minutes with each one when I do the glue and paste kind.

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