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Xbox 360 repair, pre-paid shipping box still available?

Asked by philo23 (193points) July 31st, 2009

My xbox 360 died yesterday with the red ring of death problem. I filled out the online form for the repair online and received an email confirming that i’ve been added to the list.

In the email it listed the possible methods for returning the xbox 360 back to microsoft, one of these methods, “pre-paid shipping box”, seemed to be the best but it had no information on how to receive this prepaid box. Is there something I have to specifically do to get this box or does it just get delivered automatically?

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I think Microsoft used to send you a prepaid shipping box and they stopped because the shipping was expensive. According to this article they offer you an e-label where you can stick on the box you’re shipping microsoft to.
And good luck on getting it fixed

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i’m in the same boat. the last time i had to do this i just called. i’m not in the mood to figure out this new system of theirs so i’ll probably end up paying extra because of it. i’m just calling them. screw it.

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They don’t send out the box anymore but hey they’re going to fix the thing anyway so if it gets more broken in transit it’s probably not a big deal. Then when it comes back just remember to keep the box it comes in so you can send it back in the next time it breaks.

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@teh_kvit_liberal yeah, i figured this might be the way, its weird how they haven’t updated their email template mind you… Cheers any way

@Maharet if you get any information from that call any chance you could share it with me too if relevant?

@Lightlyseared good idea :P

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How recently did they stop? When My xbox broke a few months ago they sent me out a box.

To answer the qeustion, they had my address on file, and they sent the box to that address.

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From what i can see around June the 9th i think.

They do have my address on file too, but i would of though there would be some request link to send it. Considering they give you other options too.

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Oh boy, I had this happen recently for the second time. M$ did away with the coffins, you have to go to your local UPS store and drop $10 to ship it.

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They just mail it to you. You pack up your xbox and ship it back. It’s the same as any other prepaid package. I have had to do it with my xbox, rockband drums, and laptop. I unfortunately got the red ring of death last week. My friend is gonna try to fix mine first. My warranty is expired.

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The warranty expired? Are sure? It should be covered by the 3 year warranty on the red ring of death.

And when was the last time Microsoft mailed one to you?

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