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Is my TV talking to me?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 13th, 2008

i was watching the news and my tv bleeped off and a image of a women came on and said i am not against you,i was sent to help you,judgement day is coming.and off it went that fast my husband had on same channel it did not happen on his tv in the other room/what do you think/spirit/ghost/angel?

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This is a mental-health issue.

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Was it an ad for the new Terminator tv series? Are you Sarah Connor?

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I’d have to agree with MrKnowItAll, go see your therapist.

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You are both watching tv, the same channel, in different rooms?

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what were you watching? Cause I was watching fox a couple times and on some random shows these red eyes would appear somewhere on the screen. It was freakin me out. Then I found out it was some so called “clever” marketing for terminator.

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No, sorry.

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was it on one of the Fox channels? Could have been promo for the Sarah Connor Chronicles as others have mentioned…go to the Fox website to see for yourself perhaps?...

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If you see this happen on any other channel, or if the voices start trying to make you do things, call your doctor or the emergency room nearest to you and ask for a psychological evaluation. They can help you! Just the fact that you feel the need to ask about this gives me pause, so you might want to get a referral and talk to someone anyway. Good luck.

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i want to make it perfectly clear i am sane enough alright,but i do live in a house with much activity.i have had experience in the spiritual world to know ghosts do exist.
when you have had face to face encounters you have no choice to but believe it.
i want to thank all who pointed out kindly that there was a promotional ad for terminator going on.because like vanguardian it was freaky indeed.
to those of you who think i am nuts may you experience the world of the beyond your self some day and then come back and apoligise.
remember karma can direct it back to you.thanks all for the right

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@tammy444 sorry, but there are no such things as ghosts. Its just your mind making you believe there is something there so you have an answer for the stuff that happens in your house that you cant explain. There is a perfectly good and scientific answer as to why everything in life happens. Try to think about that next time the “ghosts” come to visit you.

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