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What do I do? Frozen Safari pages on iPod?

Asked by Tink (8668points) August 8th, 2009 from iPhone

I was on a site and it froze. It doesn’t let me open another one, it has the little loading circle thingy but nothing happens. It’s been like that for 5+ hours.
What do I do?

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Are you on Mac or Windows?

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iPod touch

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me too, hold both buttons for 10+ seconds for force reset, then if it’s still freezing, let it die then recharge it fully before trying another reset. hope it helps!

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I turned it off but it’s still frozen, and my battery is fully charged. :(

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turned it off by force reset? or normally?

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Turned it off till the little apple came, idk what “force reset” is?

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Just turning it off and back on is a restart. As BTW stated you need to do a reset ( sometimes called a hard reset)

You need to hold down both the upper right button and the bottom one together until the screen goes dark and the Apple logo appears.

It needs to do it’s thing for several minutes and will turn itself back on.

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Force reset=hard reset.

Using Safari creates a lot of temporary files which eats up the memory. Doing the reset is like clearing out the cache on your computer

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I did it again and it worked, but the page took a long time to load.
So does doing this erase all the memory used up?

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no, also go to settings and erase all your cache and cookies, it’ll speed it up again

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So how can I erase the memory?
I cleared everything right now and it is going faster.
Thanks guys!!

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The reset is pretty much the universal solution for all sorts of random problems on the iPhone particularly.

Most Apple techs to whom I have spoken have reassured me that it is impossible to do too many resets.

If you ever have any app that’s not working properly and/or crashing a reset will usually fix it. Every time I download any app(s) I always do a reset before using them for the first time.

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Good to know! Thanks!

I have noticed alot of apps crashing since I got the 3.0 upgrade.

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Well, that’s a whole nuther story. I have not updated for exactly that reason.

Some apps developers have not upgraded their apps to work with 3.0 and there is no solution for that.

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Yeah I know but some have and it bugs me that the ones that don’t keep crashing :|
I should keep complaining to them to see if they do something about it :)

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yea, i just reset the whole thing, and it let me delete open safari pages, this really helped me.

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