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What's the best free email to use?

Asked by bumwithablackberry (932points) August 17th, 2009

There are so many free email provider’s, which one should I use.

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I like (have been using it since the invitation phase), but others have their own opinions.

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Gmail ofcourse, Johnpowell is writing right now and i’m sure he’ll say the same

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no diggity

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Search for a recent question asking what was better (Gmail vs Yahoo! Mail) for a full list of its benefits and features.

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I also use gmail. I remember begging for a invite.

It supports IMAP and pretty much blows everything else out of the water.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

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Even the experts prefer Gmail.

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Hotmail/MSN. I love it :]

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@PerryDolia Yes, but what e-mail service are you using? Unless provides free e-mail addresses? =)

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@alyxCaitlin did you ever use gmail ?

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i think Yahoo is all time greatest !

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@iwamoto You’re back! Glad to see you.

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I’m a fan of gmail.
it’s simple and easy, it doesn’t really try to attach any bells and whistles to it. I linked it to my blackberry and it does a wonderful job.

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@iwamoto yep i have one, and i just don’t like it as much as msn

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Gmail. Hands down.

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Gmail, if for nothing else but the spam filtering, the best by a mile

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As most everyone has already said Gmail!

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I’m a non conformist. I use AOL Mail with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Works great for me; I’ve never had a problem.

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Gmail. Seriously. Gmail is the best. No question.

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@FrogOnFire And to explain myself, It’s because I don’t like keeping my email “in the cloud.” Also, my gmail account doesn’t work as well with Thunderbird as AOL.

OOoo I didn’t know I could respond to my own comment

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Want a no-risk trial?

You can configure gmail to go and get your email from your other site.

That way, you can try the googly goodness and still keep your old email address(es). If you end up not liking it, then kill the gmail account and there’s no impact to anyone.

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Definitely Gmail.

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I’ve always been happy with hotmail.

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Wow… gmail is a real hit huh!

I use hotmail because it is the only online email provider that isn’t blocked by my employer. **sigh**
Gmail aye… I am certainly missing out!

Hotmail does the job but I have to admit, I do get spammed.

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@robmandu Mmm… Googly goodness.

Robmandu does have a great suggestion there.

I have a huge crush on Google, and it started with Gmail. I don’t even know where to start, but it is great for anyone, whether you want something very simple or a ton of features.

The only big thing is that there is no folder system, but they use labels instead. I use the multiple inboxes labs feature so I can also see all my starred in one spot and all my drafts in another. You can add more so that you have all of one label showing up in one area and whatnot, and you can archive emails that you want to keep but don’t need to see every time you log in (like confirmation emails and whatnot).

I love it. Freaking love it. I need some sort of Gmail plushie so I can hug it.

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I used Hotmail, and then Yahoo, but then I went to Gmail and didn’t turn back. It’s by far the most elegant and useful, and it has a great spam filter. I also like the subtle humor inserted in it. But that’s already been said. Now I’m just being a lurve whore.

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by far, gmail. everything else is complete garbage

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Wow, thanks everyone, well as you can all see I registered my Fluther account with gamil, so I guess this is all epso facto a-go-go. I’m totally assured now, thank you

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@dverhey Very tricky avatar you’ve got there!

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Does that mean you like it?

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@bumwithablackberry I like it because it’s clever… a non-avatar avatar, if you will. @dverhey is sly. :D

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@augustlan Thanks. It’s odd when it’s on the darker part, because I matched the white instead of the dark, and it looks odd when asking questions, but I like it.

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Gmail obviously. I love it because the switch was so easy. You can import all your mail and contacts from other e-mails and you can even send from another address using Gmail.

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LifeHacker just did a survey on its members, and 80% of them voted for Gmail.

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