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What is the name of this PS2 game with the orange morphing character?

Asked by chromaBYTE (652points) August 24th, 2009

There’s a game I had years ago for the PS2 where you control an orange and black humanoid creature that traversed a mainly purple environment.
The creature had 3 forms: A humanoid form, a sort of shadowy stealth form and a bulky gun form.

I only remembered it recently and I can’t remember the name, which is frustrating me! Please help my frustrated nerdiness.

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I’ve been googling and trying to figure this out, with no luck. Can you add any more detail?

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Yea more info if you can ,

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I have a list of every SNES game ever made. You’ll just have to find a place that has the name of every PS 2 game ever made and peruse the entire list.

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Maybe it was one of the Jak and Daxter games?

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Morph but he was a tv character not a game one sorry i have drawn a blank nothing seems to answer to ALL you say ,

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this is aggravating, i can picture the case in my mind.

the worlds were almost completely purple. i think the humanoid form had a sword.

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is it in ape escape, Dr. Muto, Ben Ten, Bloody roar, fatal fury, there are a list of games out there with morphing characters. We need more input.

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FOUND IT! Was looking through a giant list of Playstation 2 games, and the name popped out at me.

Alter Echo.

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