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Overrated tv shows....what's your opinion?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) September 4th, 2009

I absolutely loaaattthhhe Family Guy…I could go on for a week. But folks in my age group seem to think it is just soooo funny. I broke up with a dude once for repeatedly saying “Giggity”.

Am I just being a snob? What tv shows do you think are overrated? (And don’t say “tv itself”, smartass…that’s my boyfriend you’re talking about).

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Another one is Grey’s Anatomy…I want to punch Meredith everytime she spouts some corny truism.

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No, you’re not being a snob. If my g/f was doing something that obnoxious on a frequent basis, it’d drive me nuts too.

I do, however, think you’re getting too angry about it in general. If you don’t like the show, change the channel. I’ve heard of Grey’s Anatomy, watched maybe half an episode, decided I didn’t like it, and turned it off and never watched again. So I have no idea who Meredith is, or what kind of corny truisms she utters.

FWIW, I consider the entire genre of Reality Television to be overrated. I’ve never “gotten” it, and still don’t “get” people who are into it.

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I find that a lot of television shows rely on repetitive jokes, family guy was actually cancelled at one time because it went too far with some jokes. I believe it was the “Once Upon a Weinstein” episode that caused it; making fun of jewish people of course.

Then family guy was brought back on, and everyone suddenly loved it again. So they use old jokes because people that were there from the beginning like it I guess. The material gets very old, even though one would argue its a very random show.

I think Quagmire, the one who says giggity is extremely annoying, I can watch the show when I’m not already irritated because otherwise I start yelling at the television, and cannot change the channel because I’m so pissed off.

I don’t think your being ridiculous at all, but when it gets to the point where your throwing objects around the room because your pissed off, that should be the cut off point! :)

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We’ll have to agree to disagree on Family Guy. Yes, the humor is crude, but it’s also some of the most intelligent and cutting edge scripted humor on television. And hey, it’s been nominated for an Emmy, something even the Simpsons hasn’t accomplished. But not your bag, that’s fair. I’d say perhaps there are some who miss the point of the show and just glom onto the catch phrases, I couldn’t spend five minutes in a room with someone who kept saying Giggity either.

What I hate is reality TV. First off, it’s not reality, it’s a bunch of self important, vain, usually stupid people who are willing to forego shame for fame. Second, the reality situations are unreal…I mean, the original reality show, the Real World, on what planet do you put a bunch of 20somethings in a fancy beach house and give them 50 grand to start a business…yeah, that’s fucking real. Third, it’s lazy…it lacks creativity. Think about it….they could pay writers to script an intelligent well thought out show, or they could just put a bunch of losers in a room together and see what happens. It costs 1/10th as much and the TV writes itself.

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I like Family Guy sometimes :(
I’ll probably get a lot of haters for this list
Roseanne., The Hills, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Mad men, 30 minutes meals, The Cosby show, Family Matters, the andy griffith show, Big bang theory, sex in the city, GAY’S anatomy (see what I did there?), $40 a day, Bizarre Foods, Ace of Cakes, tosh.0, Ghost Hunters (I like ghost adventures better, fratboys screaming…hilarious), all reality tv shows, jeopardy, South Park (I used to like it, it’s not really that funny anymore), Monk, Friends, AMERICAN IDOL, America’s got talent, anything with David Hasslehoff, 24, lost, the sarah silverman show, anything on the disney channel, and Smallville. I think that’s it

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@teh_kvlt_liberal I can’t respond to your post. There’s a mix of shows I love and shows I hate.

* tilt*

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The Office. It just isn’t that funny.

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So basically anything that’s popular? You sound like the people my brother complains about: the hipster teens who judge music and media based on how popular it is and then decide that they don’t like it based on its level of popularity.

As for this question, obviously there were other things that led to your break up, but I think breaking up with someone over a TV quote is too much. And this isn’t just because I like Family Guy.

I pretty much only watch The Simpsons, Family Guy, Lost, American Justice, and Cold Case Files, with the occasional MadTV, South Park, and The Office thrown in there. The only show I watch regularly is Lost, which isn’t on for more than half of the year.

Personally I think 24 is overrated because I have seen it and I didn’t like it and a lot of people like it, which is what overrated means. I don’t find American Idol too interesting, but I have been known to watch it sometimes; it is a little overrated though. I like South Park, but I think it’s a little overrated, people act like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I can’t say I hate reality TV. I’ve seen scattered episodes of various shows (I don’t even know the names) on HGTV that show home repair and selling homes. Those are technically reality and I find them very interesting. I also like the show Survivor.

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I have trouble with “Sex in the City”. Those women are constantly whining about something. Maybe if they spent a little less on shoes and more on character they would be happy. Nah!

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Family Guy, The Office those are both good examples of humor that is stylistic enough to really depend on the viewer.

It isn’t a matter of funny or not. It is a matter of translation. There are obviously enough people who think it is funny. But some don’t.

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That’s not true dominic!
I like some popular things. Like Rob and Big, The Office, Man vs Food, Robot Chicken. Seinfeld, Malcolm in the middle, Married…with children, and others!

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Family Guy panders…relies on the viewers’ nostalgia and flashbacks too much and that annoys me. I guess I appreciate when scripts are actually well-written. @dalepetrie I can’t believe you used the word “intelligent” when describing the show!!!! I don’t mean that in a hateful way, it’s just honestly the last word I would use. You make some good points. Maybe it is the people that love it and repeat it that I really hate, not the show….hmmm…

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@Bri L good point. Can we all at least agree that A-Team is the greatest show ever made? I mean…come on, Mr. T!!!!

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I pity the fool who doesn’t like the A-Team

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shooot, I heard dat

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I love most television shows. I guess I’m easy to please.

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I like the old Family Guy, but the past few seasons have been boring. Same goes for Simpsons.

I’m a big fan of scifi shows and I’m just really uninterested in Stargate SG-1, Warehouse 13, Torchwood and Sanctuary. 4 shows other scifi fans keep recommending to me.

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Don’t even get me started on the recent Simpsons episodes; I hate the background music and the shadowing effect and the way they try to be modern and talk about Facebook and iPods and ugh…it SUCKS. When will they finally be cancelled?!!

Glad I got that out of my system. :)

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I don’t really like the old family guy
I like the new ones better

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I think House is overrated, but I still watch it.

I agree about most reality shows: They are mostly a waste of space. (@DominicX, I too like HGTV’s ‘reality’ shows.)

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You really disliked the Mapple episode? You mentioned iPods so I’m assuming itcwas that episode.

I thought it was pretty clever. Lisa want to walk down the street with ear buds but they’re too expensive so they sell her non functional overpriced look alikes called “ear phonies”

Mocking the gorgeous packaging ( on her gigantic bill)

And the last scene. “Think Differently”. Call me easy but I just loved the entire episode. It was so cleverly done right down to the homage to the original 1984 commercial.

Granted, some of the newer stuff doesnt hold a candle to the older stuff but this one gave me hope. Sure you don’t want to make an exception for this one episode?

Those who missed this episode: just go to YouTube and put Simpsons, Mapple into search and prepare to be charmed.

I can’t put in links from my. Myphone. :)

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I don’t think I saw that episode; I just remember an episode where Seymour mentioned Facebook and my brother told me about an episode with iPods. I’ve only seen a few new Simpsons episodes and I haven’t really liked any of them. It’s not that I think it’s all bad and needs to be avoided, it just doesn’t do for me what the older seasons did. I’m surrounded by iPod and Facebook all day through the internet and through my friends and through what I have, and I just find it corny when it appears on a show that’s been somewhat timeless in the past. I know the Simpsons mentioned ‘90s things sometimes when it was on during the ‘90s, but what they’re doing now just seems to me like an attempt to draw the younger crowd in and it just comes off as forced and it kind of ruins the timelessness of it. I remember a similar thing about the Fudge series by Judy Blume, how in the latest book she mentioned Harry Potter and iPods and such, whereas the older books written in the ‘70s could be read and appreciated by anyone and didn’t include such obvious date references.

Also, like I said, the new style bugs me. Not a big fan of background music and the shadowing effect. I just feel like the show’s run its course and it’s time to end it. Most die-hard Simpsons fans hate anything Season 10 and past, so I’m being pretty generous in saying that seasons 3–13 are my favorites. 14 and 15 have their good episodes too. :)

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Go to YT and check it out. The majority of that episode is on in 10 min clips. You do lose a little of the continuity but it’s not that crucial.

I just thought it was the most clever episode from them in a long time. Go on check it out. You know you wanna….


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two and a half men
It’s just obnoxious
I hate Charlie Sheen, I hate that effeminate guy and most of all I hate that stupid fat kid. Fuck them all

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I watched the first episode of 30 Rock on Netflix online and I didn’t like it. Though, I may give it another episode or two to give it a fair chance. A friend of mine raves about it.

Shows are overrated to some and great to others. I love LOST and I can’t understand how people don’t like it as much as I do! So, I have to assume that’s how they feel about their shows.

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All shows are overrated.

Except the colbert report

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I like Friends, House, Seinfeld. I do think Family Guy is overrated. I mean, I’ll watch it if it’s on I guess, but I don’t go out of my way to see it when I could be doing something else. It’s not even that I dislike the characters or anything. It’s just that they rely entirely too much on “clip” usage. Sometimes it really seems like the majority of the show is made up of these clips, and not plot. When it does have plot, it can interesting sometimes. But more often than not, it doesn’t. I also don’t like Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t even explain why. It annoys the shit out of me. Scrubs is good, but in the same vein as Family Guy, it relies too much on clips, fantasies, and flashbacks. I gave NCIS a try. Mehhhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh, I love Bones too!

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There is definitely a great deal of genius in Family Guy in my opinion. There’s the surface, in your face humor, but there’s a ton of stuff that’s below the surface. Part of the fun of Family Guy is how they can sneak something in that you could miss easily, but when you get it, you almost cringe and then wonder how the hell they got away with that in the first place. And the references are so out of place some times, you really have to be a fan of non-sequitor humor to enjoy some of it. Some of it really relies on you being the type of person who remembers some fairly arcane references. And a lot of the humor is about pushing the envelope, challenging social mores, and really taking advantage of the ability to get away with the advantages of being an animated show. It has the ability to go over the top in a way that a live action show could never get away with. Yes, I’d use the word intelligent without hesitation, because the fart humor on that show is not usually about the fart…the really funny parts are hidden by the crude outer crust. Whereas most sitcoms have a stupid dad these days, Peter Griffin is beyond stupid, he’s literally retarded. Whereas some sitcoms might have a daughter in the mix who is ignored and mistreated by her family to a mild degree, in the real world, they still love her and treat her with respect….in Family Guy, after father and daughter have a touching heart to heart, dad throws a glass of lemonade in her face and say he doesn’t want another glass of lemonade he wants a glass of “better daughter”. Having a talking dog and baby works on so many levels as well….they can first and foremost get away with saying what adults can think but can never say. And they can be truly savage to celebrities (in a way, the show tears down the very culture of celebrity worship that I simply can not stand), and often times it even has the celebrities themselves in on the joke by voicing themselves on the show. Rather than make its point with subtlety, it uses gross exaggeration. I find it to be one of the few shows in TV history that I can not only watch, but rewatch several times.

And I have to take issue with @perplexism, what an a propos name as I am truly perplexed that anyone could say the Office isn’t funny. I suggest you don’t get it. There is a show that is ALL about subtlety…no pies in the face on that show. There is so much going on with that show, it’s positively groundbreaking, there has never been anything like it before and will never be anything like it again.

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@dalepetrie It’s really not about me not getting it – I think I do ‘get it’. It’s just not that funny to me. Different strokes and all…..

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I got some morreee!!!
Glee (just watched it, I’ve seen funnier stuff on TV like the new Patton Oswalt special), Fraiser, Supernanny, Ugly Betty, Are you smarter than a 5th grader, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (black flag reference…), all original shows on G4, COPS, America’s most wanted (who the hell actually watch this?), That 70’s Show, Everyone hates Chris (including me), King of the hill, The Bernie Mac show, Arthur, I love Lucy, George Lopez show, Mind of Mencia (WHY hasn’t anyone mentioned this). and Degrassi.

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lol…that’s almost everything.

And “Arthur” is excellent. That was my favorite show when I was a kid and I still like it. :)

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And every anime show that has ever existed
Meh, I thought Arthur was okay.
Doug and Hey arnold are also added to the list. They were sooo boring

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For 13 years, I worked diligently to ensure my son understood the intricacies of politeness, especially toward women. To me, Family Guy undid all that work. I fought an uphill battle that ended in bloody massacre on his 14th birthday, when his father gifted him the first 4 seasons!! Thanks, dad. Geez. Now it’s back to the drawing board. I can only hope that some of my ranting stuck with him.

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If your son unlearnt everything you taught him in regards to women just from Family Guy, I don’t think he’s wholly right in the head.

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@Shegrin – Hopefully your 14 year old is capable of understanding

1) The difference between cartoons and real life, and
2) The difference between reality and satire.

Family guy does away handilly with the political correctness which has been so ingrained in our society, it basically makes fun of the lunacy of trying to never say what’s really on our minds by putting out there an example of the extreme, with characters who say the kinds of ignorant things we all think from time to time and then feel ashamed of ourselves for thinking. Or at times it goes into the level of outright absurdism, going far beyond what anyone would even think…the humor of the show is derived completely from the disconnect between what we would expect a person to say in our society, and what these characters ACTUALLY say.

I’d suggest that if your 14 year old really “gets” the humor in Family Guy, it is because he’s smart enough to know that what they are saying IS inappropriate. Give him a bit more credit, mom…and if you worry, watch some of the shows with him and ask him some questions to determine if he really DOES understand what is humor and what is a “role model”. I somehow feel like you’re selling his intelligence a bit short if you really are ready to completely write off him as being someone who would discard an upbringing where he was taught to value and respect others, especially women, and instead paterns his life on a cartoon known for fart jokes.

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I wasn’t even being 100% serious. Of course my son is intelligent enough to know about all of the differences you mentioned, and many others. My reply was meant to be a little humorous because what serious mother would be so flippent about Family Guy being the thing that undid all their work as a parent? I know sarcasm doesn’t come across in print, but pretend that everyone who has stumbled on this site is here to be witty and waste time.

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@Shegrin – yeah, the sarcasm doesn’t come across in your quip…some times I’ve seen people impart it effectively, but I took yours to be pretty serious, just in the way it was phrased. I don’t assume that everyone here is here to be witty and waste time, because unfortunately, not everyone who has an internet connection also has the capacity for wit. And, one of the reasons I come here is because I feel at times I give advice that genuinely helps people who genuinely are asking for it. Hopefully you can see that my concern about you underestimating your child was genuine and I was merely hoping to give you perspective which you were to close to the situation to get on your own. I’m glad to hear I was mistaken. Welcome to Fluther btw!

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Update: I still hate Family Guy, but I love You Guys! awww

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