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How can I warm myself up?

Asked by Facade (22902points) September 9th, 2009

It’s always cold in my house because my father is always hot. My body doesn’t handle cold well. My joints stiffen up more than usual and it becomes painful to walk and move. Wearing layers of clothing doesn’t help much.
How can I warm myself up since my parents refuse to keep the house at a reasonable temperature?

Prompted by my ankle being fucked up right now because it’s cold, thus setting me back for the day

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I hate being cold. (one of the main reasons I moved to Bakersfield, CA.)
Wearing a hat helps. I have heard that you loose 90%of your body heat out your head.
Socks and hot baths help too.
I would say exercise, but your ankle is messed up. My daughter bought me an electric throw blanket for when I sit on the couch. I use it in the winter time. (which won’t be HERE for a few more months. Still getting in the 90’s every say. )
Good luck!

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@Judi I would absolutely LOVE to move to Cali! The electric blanket sounds like a great idea. Do you know the price range for them?

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I HATE being cold. Go to an outdoor store like Dick’s and buy some of those 7 hour heating thingies. They come six in a pack for $3. They are small, like 3” by 4” maybe? I think when they hit the air they get activated and you can hold it in your hands if you hands are cold or your feet. Also, buy a space heater to warm up you bedroom so you can sleep. Electric blanket. Lastly, always wear slippers.

Just saw your question. I think you can get an Electric blanket for as little as $30 depending on the size and if you find it on sale. You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond, and JCPenneys.

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One last thing, Long Johns are amazing. I know you said you wear layers, so maybe you already know this. Long Johns are against you skin and then you can put on another layer. Real long johns make a big difference. Men’s long john’s tend to be thicker and softer, I wear those.

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Cuddle Duds are nice too they are thin and cozy.

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wear polarfleece, and get yourself a pair of wicked good slippers
If you live near an L.L. Bean outlet, you can usually find them for $25–35.
The shearling is like magic… I wear mine year-round!

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Thanks guys! I’ve worn cuddle duds before and didn’t see a difference. I’ll look for an electric blanket soon.

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It is alleged that heat escapes from your head. Try wearing a woolen hat.

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I wear a scarf to bed…

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Hot water bottles , wheat bags ( done in the microwave ) thermal jammas or long Johns or maybe a combo of both :) . You could get a real thick tog quilt and wrap yourself in that .

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@facade Can you move out? Seriously, get the space heater for sleeping. If you have a fear of having it on all night, warm up your room, and then turn it off before you actually go to sleep. When it is that cold the electric blanket doesn’t do it for me, because the air I am breathing is uncomfortable. Also, I forgot to mention flannel sheets! You can get a pack with a bottom and top sheet and two pillow cases included for $40—$50 at Bed Bath and Beyond, it is like a gift to get into a bed that does not have freezing sheets. That is actually what I prefer flanel sheets and a space heater, but you can use the electric blanket when watching tv in the family room, if a regular blanket isn’t cutting it. I find that once I am cold it is very hard to warm back up. I need to get up to almost the point of sweating to balance out again.

The space heater can be used in the bathroom too, so you don’t have to get under the water when you are so cold.

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Get a space heater – even just the little kind that someone would put at their work desk helps.

When you go to bed, put a heating pad (the kind that automatically turns off after a certain amount of time) under your feet. The heating pad tip is sometimes the only thing that can get me warm in bed.

I know this sounds insane, but when I used to get really cold all the time (lost a lot of weight/insulation lol) I would go to the tanning bed. I hate tanning, but it sure as heck warmed me up!

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There is also the old-fashioned hot-water bottle or several baked potatoes wrapped in foil.

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@JLeslie At the moment, no I cannot move out. I’m stuck here. Maybe I can convince my mother to buy me all this stuff or I can find it on sale somewhere. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a space heater in my room as crowded as it is. But they will hopefully be moving soon and my room won’t be the worst in the house.
@Supacase lol I do not need to go tanning =P

Eh, I’ll figure something out…

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I am not sure of your sleeping space, but space heaters can be as small as 8” X 8” maybe smaller. Or, maybe you meant there is clutter and you are afraid of fire? They are much safer now than in the past.

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I also have an electric matress pad. In the winter I try to remember to turn it on an hour before I go to bed. It feels great to crawl into a warm cozy bed.

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@JLeslie It’s the clutter and that I’d probably bump into it like I do everything else.

@Judi that sounds cozy

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@Facade; if your avatar is your real pic, I would live to see the face of the person at the tanning salon when you go in and say “I just want to get warm!”

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@Judi HAHAHA! yea, that’s me. That flash made me a bit darker but I’m sure they’d look at me side-ways lol

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I once saw a comedian on TV who joked that the best part of her divorce was being able to keep the thermostat at the temperature she preferred. So true.

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Maybe you could take a blanket to rhe tanning salon. Hee hee

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Not te easiest thing to do, but sure cheap, is to totally relax (your body).
My mother used to tell me to not be so tense when i was shivering.
It worked for me.
I didn’t get warm, of course, but the cold feeling got less.

And, like others have said: socks, scarfs and a hat do good work too.
And fleece plaids.
Mine (it even has a pocket for your remote!).

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@rebbel Oh God, I get muscle spasms from shivering. So damned painful…Hm, reminds me of a snuggie

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LOL I told you it was nuts! I guess you could lay on a towel and cover up with another one.

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Put four cups of water in the microwave. Bring almost to a boil. Pour into a very tough ziploc bag. Put it in another zip loc. Wrap in a towel.

Use as a hot water bottle. Put on your feet or put in your lap or put behind your back or wherever.

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@PerryDolia That will be very useful for my PMS as well. Thanks :)

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If you can’t afford to buy any of the things suggested, put a towel in the dryer (if you have a dryer at home) for a few minutes and lay it in-between the sheets of your bed at night before getting in.

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Ooo yea, I love putting a towel in the dryer for after my showers =)

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FYI the hat thing is a common misconception. The stat that 90 % of your heat escapes through your head was based on a study where participants were wearing full winter gear and no hat. So actually you don’t lose that much heat out of your head otherwise it would mean that you would be just as cold not wearing pants as not wearing a hat.

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@jaketheripper I always wondered about that. And I was wondering if you are lying down if it still apllies, since heat rises? When I cover my head, actually my face, I feel warmer, because it is the only naked part of my body a lot of the time.

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Also, if you don’t like the bulk of wearing lots of layers, invest in some spandex clothing like Under Armour. It does an excellent job of adding a little bit more insulation without adding any bulk at all.

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Gack, my mother does this to me in our house so I often will soak in the tub, do some exercises on the spot to get my circulation up or go outside for a few minutes at a time. Sleeping is harder since sometimes it feels like no amount of covers warms. What helps is slathering my body in lotion before getting in bed and then putting on cotton socks and then whatever else. Seems to me if my feet are warm then the rest of me can make it okay.

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