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Tonsil stones anyone?

Asked by mramsey (791points) September 16th, 2009

So this is really gross but I have dealt with this problem all of my life. I occasionally cough up these pale yellow seed-like things. Actually it’s been happening more often. As a child I referred to them as “sinus seeds” but after some research have come to conclusion they are “tonsil stones”. They don’t seem to be harmful just really REALLY irritating. Not to mention embarrassing!! Doctors say there is no real cure for them. Some recommend getting your tonsils out but that seems like too much trouble and money wasted.
I have started to notice that it seems like I get them more when I drink lemonade or limeade. What would be the reason for this? Does anyone else have to deal with these nasty little suckers?

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Tonsilioliths. Poke ‘em out with your pinkie or a Q-tip broken in half, while using a book light to look down your throat. See my question from a few months ago.

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There are some interesting YouTube videos on the subject.

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Getting my tonsils out at age 24 might have been the best thing I’ve ever done. If you get sick with any kind of inflamed throat/tonsils a lot along with tonsil stones, you might want to look into the procedure.

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I’ve had those. I didn’t know they had a name.
My tonsils are still quite gross-looking, come to think of it…

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My middle daughter used to have that problem, along with extremely large tonsils that made swallowing difficult. She had them removed and couldn’t be happier about it.

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I’ve never had that, but I did have sleep apnea. I had my tonsils removed at 13, I would reccomend you do the same. 1 whole week of pizza pop and popscicles!! I think I would probably do it again, even though it hurt 

if you don’t know what sleep apnea is, it means that you stop breathing in your sleep.

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I have ‘em too. Super gross.

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I think they are pretty normal. I wouldn’t worry about getting your tonsils taken out at this point. If you are worried about it, you should tell your doctor. However, tonsil stones alone are no reason for concern.

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Just reading the words “tonsil stones” made me gag. I hate them. I’ve had them a lot more now that I’m pregnant. I’m extra mucousy.

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I had this problem, mixed with mild tonsilitis that came once to twice a year. I went to the doctor, and struggled to explain what the problem was—he said, as many have said, that they are nothing to be concerned about—but, a week later, he took my tonsils out anyways. Knock on wood, I have not been sick or had a sore throat since* (February). Don’t be afraid of a tonsilectomy—I was back at school six days later and at a competitive scholarship interview the next day.

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I have tonsil stones, too. I hate them. I’ve read that some people use a waterpik to remove them, but I’ve also read that people have torn their tonsils apart using a waterpik. I’m trying out the Therabreath stuff. But I’ve only been using it a week, so I don’t know if it’s going to work. If they’re really bad, I think the only lasting remedy is a tonsillectomy.

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Well, I can’t really get my tonsils out because I don’t have insurance. And luckily I don’t have to go digging to get them out of my throat. I just cough them up on at regular basis..yuck!
Does anyone know what the correlation between lemonade/limeade and getting them more often could be??

Maybe its my imagination.

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I get them too. Very weird little things.

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Lemon juice (and presumably lime juice) is astringent – sometimes people use it to tighten up their pores. If it tightens up the cavity in the tonsils where the gunk collects, it probably just pops those babies out.

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@laureth thanks! good to know!

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I am 15 and i have them if you are under 18 they advise you to go to the doctors because they are rare in children. :)

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lemon juice helps them grow fast so it is easy to remove.MILK CAUSES THEM TO GROW.

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