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What are your relaxation techniques?

Asked by seventeen123 (428points) September 24th, 2009

I think the question is self – explanatory (:

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This is a relaxation technique I learned many years ago.

Lie or sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed, in a quiet room, preferably darkened.. Breathe deeply, starting with a three count.
Inhale through your nose (if you’re not congested) ...1…2…3.
Hold that breath for the same count…1…2…3.
Exhale through your mouth, on the same count…1…2…3.
Continue to breathe like this. With each breath, feel yourself relax.

As you continue the measured breathing, imagine a white light, shining on the top of your head. Now imagine hthis light slowly moving down from the top of your head, down to the forehead, past the eyebrows, past the eyes; as the light slowly passes over each part of your body, you will feel the muscles in that part of the body completely relax.
As you continue the light down the muscles of your body, you will feel each one gently relax, all the way down to your toes.

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Playing with my dog, or my Hissers, as they make me realize that having someone that depends on you for their well-being can make you feel pretty darn good. Relaxation is more about feeling than napping, in my opinion.

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I found out about pzizz here on Fluther and I’ve been using it for naps ever since. Doesn’t work as well for sleeping for me, but man has it turned me into a napper.

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Bikram yoga, long shower

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Lately I have been using a travel sleep ap I got on iTunes. Before, I would ztRt with the top of my head and make a conscious effort to relax every muscle in my body, making sure not to skip things like eyelids and jaw.

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@Yetanotheruser – I’m going to try that. Thanks!

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Masturbation, naps and music.

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Sex. And, chillin’ on my sofa whist listening to music with a gin n’ tonic in tow.

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@ram201pa This is a good technique for auto-suggestion. I used it to help quit smoking back in the eighties when there were no pharmaceutical aids.

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