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Is anybody else scared of their webcam?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) February 2nd, 2008

Its just sitting there all day staring at who is on, what is going on, watching me. I hate it, it looks like GLaDOS from portal.

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I’m “scared” of my sister’s webcam, whenever I walk through her room I never know whether someone’s watching.

If I’d be scared of my own webcam I’d remove it though, or turn it towards the wall. Though of course, this might be troublesome if it’s a built-in webcam. Perhaps I’d post a post-it in front of it ;-)

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If anything, you should be scared of the glasses-wearing octopus in the top left of this site, he watches you all day, silently judging you. I won’t tell you anything specific he’s told me about you needless to say it’s not impressive.

P.S. Put some pants on.

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@livejamie shame that its a jellyfish wearing the glasses not an octopus.

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@uberbatman I can’t believe you’ve fallen for his disguise. That’s exactly what he wants you to think..

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Then that guy ( who looks kinda likey me) moves his big neck and I say dude lose some weight…, sad and then I cry all day. upper left side, ingrown no place to hide . Unless I shut it off ofcourse! He he hehe

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YES. I put masking tape over the camera on my macbook when I’m skyping.

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@jz1220… what about just looking for the little light?

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That shirt looks great on you.

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