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What is 3 1/3 percent in fraction form?

Asked by sarah826 (449points) November 3rd, 2009

thanks :)

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How would you figure out what 1 percent is in fraction form?

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As @andrew alluded, if 1 percent is 1/100, then 3⅓ percent would be…

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Okay, if you really don’t feel like figuring this one out, this is probably what you’re looking for:
10/3 * 1/100 = 1/ 30

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@OnaBoat Close, but he’s looking for 3⅓, so wouldn’t it be…


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@erichw1504 1/ 30 is the same as your first answer. 1/ 30 = 0.033333333333333333, which equals 3.33333333333333333 / 100.

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@OnaBoat…Whoops, I blame it on my calculator!

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10 / 3 and 1 / 30 are both correct answers!

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Hmm… It would have to be 10/3% or 1/ 30

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The answer is 42.

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@erichw1504 And don’t forget your towel.

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@OnaBoat I always bring it!

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3.3333333333…% is 3.333…/100 or in words three point three to infinity over one hundred

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It appears the answer is also the question.

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Do your own homework. D:

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The tutor in me, the engineer, and the lover of All things physics and math wants to spend a lot of time helping you out with this.

The beer in me says “holy shit, you have to be joking!!!!!”

I will sit my snarky ass back now and just observe.

Start with this: what don’t you get about this concept right now?

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I feel like we should have a community policy of never giving out answers to homework questions. Just advice.

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@andrew: I agree if we’re talking about just giving out answers. If someone really didn’t understand something and was asking for help in understanding what they don’t get, that’s a different story. Unfortunately, that’s not what I see evidence of here.

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@andrew Consider that policy adopted, by me at least.

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@cyndyh Right. But if even when you have a student blatantly asking for the answer, you still don’t need to give it to them.

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