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When in bed with your honey, can you sleep through the night holding on to them (or, have them holding onto you) or do you need your space?

Asked by Jude (32185points) November 8th, 2009

To candoodle or not? I can do the snuggle thing at first, but, then you need for them to stay on their side of bed. I can’t sleep with someone holding on to me. My girlfriend, on the other hand, is like a worm in that she finds me wherever I’m at in the bed and snuggles in.

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I need my space. A few minutes’ spooning is OK, but then he’s got to scoot over.

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I need my space. Especially my own blanket-space. I can’t stand it when my SO rolls over in his sleep, taking the covers with him. It creates this gap in between us where cold air can get in.

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I would be the one snuggling up to him, and he’d escape roll over in his sleep.

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I fall sleep half laying on him. My legs usually drape over him, or I’m laying on my left side with my legs bent touching him.
We don’t cuddle the entire time, I need a certain amount of space to sleep. My SO is used to me, a cat, and a baby sleeping all over it rarely bothers him.

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There have been times when we have fallen asleep cuddling and have remained that way until morning. We’re always pretty close to each other while we sleep. When we first got together we shared a single bed so we had no choice but to always be touching even when it got really hot. This is probably why we sleep so close now!

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Which one? There’s usually like 6…

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ha ha ha, re: “the worm”, we take turns being the cuddle worm. He likes for me to spoon him, he’ll reach behind and pull my arm around him while wiggling his butt back against me and making murr-murr sounds, it’s cute. I can put him into a totally different type of snore by rubbing his hip, like you’d pat a baby. Me, I prefer to be face to face with him, wrapped in his arms since he’s so much bigger than me and I can snuggle into his chest or under his armpit. The only time I can’t sleep is if a chest hair tickles up my nose or if I get a cramped neck from his arm under me (I’m scrawny and he’s muscled). Having said all this mush, I’ll also add it’s not every partner I’ve enjoyed this kind of closeness with.

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Aah this is a good question, sometimes im a cuddly monkey and others i can almost not wait to sprawl out and smack my partner if he comes too close, this upsets him as he is an all round snuggler!

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Boy o boy, this is a good question i agree. I actually like cuddling in bed but for some reason i can not do it to long as i start getting HOT like sweating hot. Past girlfriends have complained about this over and over but nothing i can do about it and it makes me uncomfortable being that hot when im trying to sleep….

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We go to sleep spooning one direction or the other. Our legs are usually intertwined, too. Or we’ll lay in the opposite directions with our backs pressed up together. We’re touching 99% of the time in one way or the other. He’s a hot box & this all works good until I have a hot flash. Then I start throwing blankets & moving away for a while.

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We’ll cuddle sometimes when we go to bed. It’s usually my husband that will have his arms around me, but if he’s had a bad day I’ll wrap myself around him. We’ll fall asleep like this but by the time we wake up in the morning, I’m on my side of the bed and he’s on his. I don’t remember moving but that’s how we end up. I love king size beds! I eventually need my space.

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I like to cuddle til im right about to fall asleep, then i usually keep my distance and just keep a hand on my boyfriend’s arm or back or hip.. i don’t know why, it just comforts me.

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Sometimes I can fall asleep while snugging but I usually can’t last the whole night in that position.

I enjoy just having my hand on his arm if I can the rest of the night though :)

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We usually fall asleep cuddled up. Then he starts radiating hell-ish temperatures and it’s time to get the hell off me until my body acclimates to it. We flip flop so much and sleep in a bed with two dogs….It’s pretty much just ‘do what works for you.’ We are all usually in some odd spaghetti formation by morning.

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We cuddle and THEN sleep. I don’t think I could sleep with someone squashing me and inhibiting my movements. In saying this however, when am on my side of the bed and ready to sleep I need to have some part of my body touching my partner eg my foot against his.

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* barf *
Just let me sleep.

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No snuggling for me. Maybe for a minute but any longer and I start getting claustrophobic. I need space!

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I like to cuddle for a little bit. I’ve fallen asleep snuggling next to him and it lasts for a while until one of us wakes up later and changes sleeping positions. He never pulled away or anything like that though.
@wildpotato I know what you mean about the sheet thing and the cold air. It’s happened to me too.

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I need space, get away from me while I’m trying to sleep.

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We usually fall asleep cuddled and will sometimes stay that way but just as if i were alone I toss in my sleep and usually end up away from him at some points. There are points in the night though where ill wake up notice i am on the other side of the bed and cuddle back up next to him. I like the feeling of security.

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Space and lots if it.

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@Clair has already answered this one for me :P

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Generally we snuggle throughout the entire night but we don’t sleep through the night because of the babies – but we return to each other, I sleep on my tummy and he climbs halfway on top of me whispering ‘nuggie’ – it may be ‘barf’ to some but it’s how we feel at home, to us each other’s bodies are the ‘home state’.

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I’m a complete cuddler. Me and my ex used to fall asleep, smushed up against each other. Throughout the night we would sometimes move and end up away from each other, but when waking up in the morning, we’d be smushed against each other again – generally with half of his body covering mine, while we were both on our backs, so I was pushed down against the bed. I don’t know why, but it’s so comfortable. Haha! Nothing is more comfortable than that. But yeah, we’d have legs or arms over each other, feet entwined, etc. Very cuddly.

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Early on, we were inseparable, in bad and out, but as the years passed, the close physical proximity became less important. We first graduated from a full bed to a Queen bed, and now luxuriate in a King bed, where we can choose to be close or have our own space, without any problems.

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blush um….. typo I mean in bed heehee

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