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How do you decide which side of the bed is yours?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 16th, 2009

For people who sleep in wider beds, with or without a partner, how do you (or did you) decide where to sleep?

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Just depends on where we land when we stop rolling.

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I have a king size. My dog (she is tiny but loves to stretch out) sleeps in the middle and I end up hanging off the side. Not fair. I don’t prefer a side, but usually sleep on the side closest to the door.

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In a hotel, my side is the one with the best reading light.
At home – let’s just say that it was decided for me.

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I don’t have a partner, and I sleep near the wall, which just happens to have a window on it. The window doesn’t open (what’s the point…), but it is a lot cooler there, and I like to be cool when I sleep. But I tend to spread to the middle of the bed as the night goes on.

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I laid down and there was a female shaped lump there. So I moved to the other side.

Serously, she decided and I settled.

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At present, ALL sides of the bed are mine!

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you have to pay extra for choices like that.

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I sleep in the middle. There is a bit of a groove in the middle now since I’ve slept there for so long, so even if I tried a side, I think I’d end up rolling back down to the middle.

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He sleeps on the side nearest the sword.

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At home, he sleeps on the right side. In hotels, he sleeps closest to the door.

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As the guy, I’m required to be on the side closest to the door.

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My apartment is on the smallish side so I haven’t graduated to the bed being pushed away from the wall yet. Because of that I sleep wall side, It is comforting knowing it is there, plus I have this thing that no matter what “side” I am on I must curl into the wall. I am a bit nervous for when my boyfriend and I have started looking at real condo’s with real space I just know our bed will end up in the middle of the wall and then what am I to do then!

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like @DrBill, that is was my initial requirement.

But the door leading out of the bedroom is to the right of the bed. And my left shoulder is a little bit hinky for some reason. Having my wife on my left side then would screw up my should over night.

So now I sleep on the left side of the bed.

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He needs the closest one to the bathroom in case he, um… needs to wash his hair in the middle of the night! Yeah! That’s it.

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I’ve always had a single bed, and usually sleep on my right side.

When I’m with my partner though (hotel) I prefer the side that has a light and a bedside table. I like having my iPod and Blackberry nearby.

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@blondie411 , I’ll bet there are millions of us who grew up sleeping on a twin bed pushed up against a wall. It has probably warped our sense of…something… permanently.

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I have a big girl queen sized bed now it is still pushed up against the wall…When I sleep over my sister’s house she has graduated to moving the bed to the middle of the wall with two nightstands on either side I feel like I’ll fall off because there is no wall. She makes fun of me and says “yes I have a truly big girl bed”.

I think also my boyfriend sleeps on the outside for protection and closeness to the door as well. At least thats what I tell myself!

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Whichever side is closest to the bathroom.

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When I was partnered, I always slept to the bf’s left. Don’t know why. I feel weird on the right.

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on the left side closer to my phone

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My Hubby sleeps closer to the door. Chivalry is NOT dead!

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The side closest to the fire escape, in case her husband comes home.

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I prefer to sleep on my left side and I prefer to face ‘out’, rather than towards the middle of the bed. Luckily for me, my husband prefers to sleep on his right side facing out.

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My side is always the one closest to the bathroom.

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What happens when you move to another house or apartment? For you close to the door people, do you switch sides if necessary?

Once I got used to one side of the bed (the left side), it just felt too weird trying to sleep on the other side. So I’ve stayed there, whenever we move, and through relationships. Part of this is because I like to sleep on my right side, and I don’t like sleeping with my back to her (the only time I do that is when we’re mad at each other).

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I’m picturing this really hot chick all exhausted, now, lying next to a furry smoking monkey.

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<—- heehee. furry. heehee

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@daloon; We switch.

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For a long time we didn’t have sides, whoever went to bed first got to pick, I liked that, not always being on the same side. Now that we have a daughter who sometimes joins us in the wee am hours, I like cradling her in my left arm, so that puts me on the same side of the bed all the time.

Our bed isn’t up against a wall, but I’d love for it to be that way, it just doesn’t work with the windows in the room.

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I’m an out-facer like Augustlan. Except I tend to get nightmares when I fall asleep on my left side. So the right side is always mine.

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My boyfriend and I have never really discussed or fought over which side of the bed to sleep on. When we sleep together it just happens, I’m on the right he’s on the left. At my apartment it makes sense. I’m next to the nightstand so I can check the clock to make sure we haven’t overslept and he naturally runs at a higher temperature so he gets the side against the wall which stays cool at night.

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I sleep in the middle when it’s just me, but I’m good at sharing if I have to. And I’m not really picky when it comes to sides. I’ll sleep on whatever side they don’t want, but they had better not hog the blankets.

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my dog/cats decide for me.
i only have a twin sized bed, so sometimes i’m lucky enough to be granted a corner, or the bottom of it.

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One side is up against the wall, so I sleep on the right side which is nightstand adjacent. Another question, how do you decide which end is for your feet and which is for your head? Why can’t your head be closer to the door?

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I prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed because I like to face out into the room but I have GERD so I can’t sleep on my left side. The right side also simply feels correct. Fortunately, my husband likes to sleep on the left side or smack dab in the middle so my choosing the right side doesn’t bother him.

However, we need to have separate sets of covers because he likes to mummify himself by rolling up in all the blankets.

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my side of the bed is closest to the bedroom door, where i can hear doors and windows and alarms and kids and dogs. i am a light sleeper with plenty ammunition.

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Where ever the dog isn’t.

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@Dog – So the dog lies on the bed but there the dog is so the dog moves over to the other side but there the dog is so the dog moves back but the dog is there again….

The Bri_L is confused.

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I like to sleep near to the door so I can protect the person I’m sleeping with from intruders. Or at the very least get killed first so that my partner can have a chance of escape.

My current bed mate, however, selected the side nearest the door and, as she was in that bed before I was, I have no choice but to let her take the bullet, should the situation arise, while I hop out the window!

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@Bri_L Precisely!

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I prefer sleeping on my right side and I think I also prefer facing out, so I gradually have come to prefer the left side (if standing at the bottom and facing the mattress).

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hmmmmm I think I like being near the door…but in light of introv’s answer I’m a bit disturbed now as to why…. :-/

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@lynneblundell well if they come in through the window… as well they might… then you are on to a winner.

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maybe it’s got something to do with my rape fantasy??? lol

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My SO sleeps on my right side at home, with me closer to the door. His side of the bed has his upright piano next to it, and it’s kind of cramped over there.

That way I don’t have to crawl over him to get out of bed, and he doesn’t have to crawl over me if he feels like playing a tune. When we are away from home, I get to choose which side I want to sleep on. Usually it’s on the top side!!

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The side closest to the window and a side desk. It’s got nothing to do with escaping. I like waking up to sunlight and I like having my glasses/alarm clock/cell phone on the desk right next to me when I wake up.

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The man (with the pistol) sleeps closest to the window and if the bed is under or faces a window, the man sleeps closest to the bedroom door. If I sleep alone then I sleep all over the bed, I’m a thrasher.

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I honestly can’t remember how, or if, we ever decided who sleeps on which side we just sort of did. Technically, I sleep on the right, hubby on left. In reality though, we each hang on to about an inch of mattress at the very edge of each side because the dogs like to sleep between Mummy and Daddy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I keep telling folk that it’s taken them years but they’ve just about got us trained the way they want us lol hey, they’re our furbabies :-)
hugs all xx

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I sleep closest to the bathroom and to the A/C. I get hot, whereas, my husband gets cold quicker. When we first got married it was just the opposite. Now he is older (82), and I am post menopausal (66), which probably explains the tolerance or intolerance to heat or cold.
Oh, well, at least he doesn’t need Viagra.

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I always sleep on my right side, so when my boyfriend and I have gone to hotels and such and slept in the same bed, I usually go for the left side.

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