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I am looking for a screen recording software - could anyone recommend any?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) November 8th, 2009

I am currently looking for some software that would record what is going on my screen at a decent quality as I am hoping to record some poker sessions in order to improve my game. I would like it if it included recording microphone directly to the video but I can improvise if this is not the case.


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Snagit! My husband swears by it! Well, I answered it anyway!

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Operating system?

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@Ame_Evil please don’t delete the question as I following it to see if any good free software is recomended for this

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For Mac I use ishowu

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@Ivan Microsoft Vista Acer Aspire 9300 laptop (lol).

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ScreenFlow, or you can use ScreenJelly which I don’t think requires a download.

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for desktop recording, I really recommend you DemoCreator and it is one of the best little screen recording program I have ever use. It contains video editing features and also a built-in audio editor which allows you to record narration with all sound devices on your computer. Nothing to lose and just try it. hope it helps.

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Meh I tried using CamStudio but it makes my laptop laggy and then crashes the driver unless I ctrl+alt+delete. Do you think I will have similar problems with other software and should just give up?

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Use “MW Snap” – free and I use it every day.

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Camtasia perhaps?

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I just answered this question when I meant to answer another question, so in short I don’t have anything to say here

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