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Who's the newest (sharpely dressed) jelly to swim on into the 10K hizzouse?

Asked by Jude (32167points) November 10th, 2009

Why, it’s the @MacBean, folks.

Congratulations!!!! One of the wittiest/smartest jellies that this ocean (internetz) ever did sea!!

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Oh my god!!! Yay MacBean!

She’s the only other jelly I know has the same weird fantasies I do ;)

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Also: Dammit @andrew (said with a smile)

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Congratulations, @MacBean! You deserve it for all of your inspiring posts on the importance of modern literature.

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Come take the room next to @whatthefluther & @sccrowell! It too has an ocean view and private spa tub and fireplace.

This rocks! You totally deserve this!

May the party begin!!!!

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Was waiting for this one! CONGRATULATIONS!

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MacBean the MacNificent!

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Nice work Mac!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Awww, you guys… <hides face and blushes!>

@PandoraBoxx: That is so corny. I LOLed. Hard.

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Congratulations MacBean!

Don’t take this the wrong way, but when I first met you on one of @Grisailles q’s, I thought you were a guy…sorry

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In your honor, I enjoyed Heinz beans for dinner tonight.

“What’s for tea, mum?”

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Damn! I wanted to post this so damn bad! I’ve been camping Mac’s page for days!

Damn, damn, damn!


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@Tink1113 Don’t worry. That’s what you’re supposed to think! I’m complicated when it comes to gender…

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Time for the BUBBLY!!!

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@MacBean: I made a booboos but I fixed its. Cause I totes knew that and got all surprised at myselfs.

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Your name reminds me of this whenever I read it.

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Capital, old Chap!

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You are definitely a true friend to me. I also know I can count on you to vent, or whine or laugh with. I’d even trust you to watch my son, because I know you two would just love each other. I wish we lived closer, you’re one I wish I could call and just hang out with. you better feel the same way! lol
A well deserved 10k!

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Well, the 10k clubhouse is starting to get pretty crowded, we’re going to need to expand pretty soon to make room maybe even buy a second frizzer, but for @MacBean, we’ll make room!

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Hip Hip Hooray, Oh happy day!!!!!!!

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@casheroo: I see how it is Cash.


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MC Bean in the hizzy, rocking that fresh jacket!!!!

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Good lord, you too! :) Hey, well done and a fine congratulations too ya!

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@asmonet :( Don’t even start with me. You were like, my first Fluther friend.

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Congratulations, MacBean!! Well done!

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@casheroo: I make betters! :’(


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YAY!!!! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting? Right???

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@asmonet YUM.. YES YES!


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Every Girl Guy—‘s crazy “bout a sharp dressed -man woman??
10K can buy some fancy duds regardless.

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Congratulations Macbean!

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Woo hoo! You know you’re one of my faves. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

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I brought punch! who has the cookies?

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now drink!

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Way to go @MacBean !!!! It’s about time!
see? and you were worried about the turnout at this thing!!!! everyone lurves you!!!!

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Chuc mung MacBean (vietnamese for congrats)

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Congrats @MacBean! YAY!
More cookies for me to bake! This part is going to be out of this world.

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Congratulations! I lurve you, Bean. :D

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Yay, congrats!!

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Pancake Platter just for you Beans!

Congrats on 10K!!!

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You’re awesome. For real.

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Congratulations! I always know something good is coming when I see you composing. The collective is very lucky to have you :)

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congratulations from one mc to anothuh

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Hooray! Hooray! You’ve reached 10K!

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sorry I’m a bit late, had an exam :(
we need cake and streamers and balloons and… books! and juice and bugs ;)

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Hooray for you. Great job !

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@MacBean….You are a very astute jelly with the eye and talent to immediately see through nonsense and bullshit and reveal the real issues, and then address those issues with posts that are always sensible, level-headed and precise. Yours is a fine voice of reason, that I not only appreciate and respect, but have come to expect. Congratulations!
See ya….Gary/wtf

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MacBean, huh, good god y’all.
Congrats to my favorite dandy.

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I hate being late all the time!!! But that’s the way it goes.

So Congratulations and good job and sorry I’m late.

(that’s what happens when you live down under!)

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What wonderful news, @MacBean! I’m delighted to congratulate you. You are an interesting and quirky presence here, both insightful and warm-hearted. Your comments are rational and ring of sincerity, and yet they are often unexpected. Thank you for bringing a dimension of mystery to our fellowship.

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Why am I always so late to everything, flagnammit

oh, congratulations, and stuff

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A very festive occasion!!! Worth celebrating indeed! Drums and congas!!!

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Congratulations @MacBean !!

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Hooray!!! Congrats, @MacBean!

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Damn! Late to the party. I saw this coming, though! Mazel Tov to a witty Flutherite!

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Congratulations to you and your grey suit! I accidentally tried to throw you another party, but figured your celebration should be concentrated in one giant party, instead.

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I’ll take the cake out of the frizzer for you!

Congrats to a witty writer and wonderful Jelly!

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Mickey B! Congrats! Good for you, and good for us!
serious deja vu here

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Congrats, MacBean!!!

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Congrats @MacBean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@rangerr: You know, my first name is the same as the guy who plays Mr. Bean. And I have the whole series (and BlackAdder, too!) on DVD. :D

@casheroo: I definitely feel the same way, bb. <3 @asmonet: I have her kid’s artwork hanging on my wall. So there! :P

@IBERnineD: Right! Woohoo!

@tinyfaery: It’s our secret. Promise!

@shrubbery: NO BUGS. hahahaha DAMN THINGS!

@nikipedia, @whatthefluther, @Jeruba: You’ve all made me blush. <3

@Grisaille: Lurve for “flagnammit.” Made me lol4rl.

@all: You’re all awesome. Thanks for making Fluther such a fun and interesting place to hang out. That’s why I got to 10k, after all!

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Hiiii MacBean :P
O_M_G! This is soooooo cool! CoNgRaTeZzzz @MacBean Enjoy your 10k day you awesome jelly,you..:)
Sorry im sooo late but the cookies are good :P

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Congrats! 10k cupcakes are definitely in order. Can’t believe I missed the party due to studying. This looks like it was WAY more fun. :)

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Wirklich fantastisch!

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It’s always a great day when someone hits 10k. Congrats @MacBean. I’ll go get the pancakes out of the frizzer to celebrate.

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mucho lurvo to you. (:

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Late to the party, but congrats.

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Thank you to the latecomers! Here, I saved some cookies for you. :D

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I was looking for this thread, and I got lost!

But I’ve found it, just in time to give MacBean righteous props! Congrats, hurrah! and HUZZAH to a Jelly with a big heart and lots of smarts!

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