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Why does my hair hurt?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 18th, 2008

I know that this can be caused by having your hair in a ponytail, but it “hurts” at the roots even when it is not in a ponytail. Anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?

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have you washed it. seriously. if i dont wash my hair for a while it hurts. dont ask me why its kinda of odd. i think it gets kind of matted down or something. or it cannot breathe.

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Yep, washed daily.

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I need to “let my hair down” pretty often to make sure it doesn’t hurt – and wash it at least every other day (including scrubbing my scalp.

Taking it down even means out from under a hat, out of a loose ponytail, etc.

Good luck!

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It is impossible for your hair to hurt. It is actually your scalp.

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I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s either because it needs to be washed, has been pulled back all day, or on days when it’s clean and it’s been hanging free, I think it’s just the weight of my hair making my scalp a little sore. Just a guess. Maybe it has something to do with at the end of the day (dirty now) and amount of product you put in your hair, making it kind of greasy as the day goes by?

Thanks for the clarification, Deepseas72. ;-P

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i’ve had my hair “hurt” before, too. like after wearing a hat all day with my hair folded up under the hat.

but definitely don’t wash your hair every day; that is (seriously) not healthy for your hair.

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When my hair hurts it means I have the flu.

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I have the same thing happen with the hair on my legs from wearing socks all day and having it in an awkward position all day.

From what I’ve seen, if you wet it down and towel dry ( comb/brush it out in your case then let it sit natural for the a wile, the feeling goes away.

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How long is your hair?
When mine was 14 inches, my scalp hurt a lot of the time, ponytail, bun, loose, tight, high, low, it didn’t really matter. I got so used to it, that when I got 10 cut off, it felt like a weight had been removed from my head. I feel a lot more free now.

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my hair also hurts, i think it has somthing to do with the fact that for the past 3 weeks i have had a sinus infection, which caused me to have very bad headaches and ear aches. the headaches are slowly going away but my hair still hurts. i think this may be your answer. try sudafed. decongestant. it takes awhile, but it seems to work.

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My hair does this often…I wear a pony tail everyday and my hair is down the middle of my back. I take a hot bath and lay down in the water so my hair is submerged…I stay laying down for about 15 minutes. After that I shampoo/condition and rinse. The pain is typically gone after this. Also to help with the next day (if not washing hair in the am) I spread my hair over my pillow up to the headboard…the oposite direction that it hangs all day. This helps too!

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get checked for herpes. I’m not joking, its whats causing your sinus infection, and also might be affecting your vision. As for you hair hurting I’m gonna say that you get your pituitary gland is infected as well. you need herpes medication asap. I got a miss diagnosis now i have cancer : C my doctors didn’t do their job right.

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Actually when your hair hurts it can mean your coming down with a cold or flue. Try washing but this is another reason why it may hurt

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I was having this problem pretty frequently. It didnt stop me from doing anything, just annoying. I recently got sick and found out my Vit D was low. I began taking the Vit D and didnt realize that “hair pain” stopped. It wasnt until I was slackin on getting my rx filled and didnt take my Vit D for 2 weeks did I notice it came back. Took my pill and ever since then I havent felt that annoying sensation!

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