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Do men wear rain boots or something else?

Asked by killertofu (115points) December 2nd, 2009

I’ve only seen women wear rain boots here in my hometown. I don’t recall see men wear rain boots, except for toddler boys. Searching for men’s rain boots online doesn’t nearly bring up as many results as for women.
What do guys normally wear when it rains?

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Thought rainboots are unisex, but I never really did wear them anyway. I prefer my feet to be wet from the occasional puddle above being wet from sweat.

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I thought men’s feet are just naturally waterproof.

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When I wear dress shoes and its snowy, rainy or slushy I put on Totes “rubbers” (not to be confused with condoms; although I guess they might work?!). They are always black stretchy rubber and just cover the soles and part of the toe and heel. They are not for walking in streams or puddles. They do keep shoes mostly dry and keep salty slush from ruining shoe leather.

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The same reason we don’t use umbrellas.

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My guy friends either just don’t care if their feet get wet, or wear shoes/boots made with Gortex. A couple will purposely wear flip flops if the weather’s warm when it’s raining.

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I wear rubbers over dress shoes.
Other times in the rain I wear leather boots treated with Nikwax.

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I just wear my shoes around in the rain. I have two pairs of shoes, so when one is wet, I switch to the other.

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I once went kayaking with shoes, it filled with water and sunk. My shoes got wet and dragged me down. Rubber boots would have floated.

Imagine if they were rubber boots, I’d be floating around upside down in some bloody luxembourg river.

Thats why men don’t wear rubber boots. They kill you.

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something else

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I work on a fish farm so we wear them often. When the temperature is getting close to freezing and you have to work on muddy and wet levees all day, you’ll wear them just to keep your feet dry.

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I just had to answer this question because my avatar is a pair of rain boots! There are some male rainy weather footgear options at


We men wear rubbers——or galoshes——to keep our shiny shoes nice and dry.

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