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has anyone tried a wheat free diet and what were the results?

Asked by dalton1126 (1points) February 19th, 2008
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A friend of mine and my cousin have Celiac Disease, which is a major allergy to gluten, found in everything with wheat and most other things in the world. I guess it is a bit different, because they get substitutes for everything (made with rice flour, etc), because they need to, but it sounds like this would be a choice you are making…
What do you want out of a wheat free diet? Keep in mind that it will be extremely expensive.

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I would recommend working with a nutritionist for a strict diet like this. My ex-boyfriend’s mom is actually a nutritionist and she also happens to have an allergy to gluten. So as far as I can tell, she does just fine. I don’t think there’s really anything in wheat that you NEED (such as nutrients and vitamins) that you can’t get other ways. But I’m not an expert, either.

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A close friend has celiac disease ( although has no symptoms , came up in a blood test) The substitute food (rice flour, soy etc. ), and alternatives are expensive, quite bland , and to me , pretty much unedible.

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