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Do people with tails have control of them?

Asked by mineown (438points) December 4th, 2009

Some people are born with tails. Do those people have control or the ability to move/use their tails?

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I have no idea, but this is such an odd question; can’t wait to see responses.

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though I’m not basing this on on anything I’m going to say no. Like when people are born with extra limbs they can’t use them.

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Well there is a guy with six fingers on each hand and he has full control of all of them. And apparently the tails have muscle and blood vessels. so…yeah. idk though.

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yeah but tails are medical anomalies the part of the brain that could control the tail might not be active and or exist Yet again not a doctor . . .nor do i have a tail so I’m pretty much just speculating.

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yeah, thats understandable about the brain lacking the control of the muscle. still though im curious. lol

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Tiger didn’t

just sayin

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Well most people can not move their ears since that is a vestigial function, but some can. So I would expect, since a tail is a vestigial body part, if there were enough people with tails that you would find some people who could move their tails while most of them could not.

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I can control each eye individually. haha.

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whats vestigial mean?

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human vestigiality involves those characters (such as organs or behaviors) occurring in the human species that are considered vestigial – in other words having lost all or most of their original function through evolution.

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o. cool like the appendix which i think had to do with eating raw meat. But since we dont anymore.

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yeah wisdom teeth are vestigial too

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. . .and theres some kind of third eyelid remnant too. . .that kinda grossed me out

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yeah birds and fish and such still have the “third eyelid” . . . but it’s uncommon in mammals and there’s only remnants of it in humans.

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WHAT..??? people have tails?? Wow…cool!

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Tails?!! Seriously, who has tails?

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. . . its a medical rarity but yeah some people keep the tail they form as embryos

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I learn so much here!

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Only if they are Latin and can salsa dance….:)

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When my youngest daughter was born, the pediatrician commented that she had a tail. On an infant, it was a little protrusion toward the top her butt crack (for want of a better descriptor) near her tailbone that looked like a little outward bulge, about 1–½ inches long and ½ inch high. The last time I looked at it was in toddlerhood, and it was not visible to the discerning eye except by specifically looking for it.

Everyone has a coccyx or tailbone.

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This reminds of the frizzer question I recently discovered.

How do you come up with such a question? You’re just sitting around watching some tele and all of a sudden you think, “I wonder if people with tails can wiggle them?”

This makes me giggle. Thanks. =)

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I bet that would be an awful tell while playing poker.

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Yup. I can control my tails.

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I would love to see a human with a tail! I have in my mind the guy from that movie Shallow Hal but I’m guessing that’s not quite what it’s like.

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Perhaps all women should have tails, like cats. That way, we can use them for a new level of refined nonverbal emotional communication.

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Physically you probably wouldn’t be able to because there would be no muscles to wiggle a tail. Cats and dogs have muscles that we don’t that extend to their tails. Even if your brain had the capability of knowing a tail existed there’s no way of moving it… essentially it’d just be a backwards tailbone like @PandoraBoxx said. Everyone has a tailbone (coccyx) but they curve inward and downward.

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Lurve for @live_rose and @ragingloli for talking about vestigial structures. I always talk about them and no one ever knows what they are and thinks I made it up. GA to both of you!

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I hope its true, it would be pretty awesome to see this guy swishing his tail around. Actually, it is totally awesome. (Immature, much? I like to think I still have remnants of the childhood I prematurely gave up)

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@belakyre this week I saw a woman walking in her office’s parking lot, with hair that went below the back of her knees. She had it pulled back like a pony tail, and a pony’s tail was exactly the effect while she walked. It was the most erotic thing I have seen all year.

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@sevenfourteen I am pretty sure they do have muscles

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hmm she had like a hairy tale so then it looked like she had long hair

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Yes they do I had a brothdeffext were I had a tail but couldnt move I was laugh at until imgot it secury removed

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I mean brith deffect

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