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Any nifty tricks to get hair dye off of skin?

Asked by Lacroix (537points) December 13th, 2009

Recently dyed my hair, but this color bled a little bit, so now I have spots of dark brown on my forehead around my hair line.

Any way I can quickly remove these before work tomorrow?

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Mix some cigarette ashes with some shampoo…this really works!
Or you could try some tea tree oil.

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I believe lemon juice is supposed to do the trick. I think that’s what is used to remove henna and stuff…

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What I usually do is put a nice heavy moisturizer on the spots, wait 10 minutes to an hour, then wash with an exfoliating scrub.

Your skin has been dyed, not just painted, so to get the color off, you need to scrub off the dead skin.

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Oh and next time to prevent this from happening, line your face with Vaseline, then the dye won’t stick to your skin.

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Try baby wipes, or rubbing alcohol mixed with skin cream..

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After rinsing the dye from my hair, I use the damp towel to scrub the entire hairline area, plus behind and around my ears. (When I remember, I apply lotion to my hairline before dying, but that doesn’t get done often).

I would try @La_chica_gomela ‘s advice about moisturizing and scrubbing.

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It sounds wrong but rub some of the leftover dye mix into the stained skin and then wipe off again.

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Vinegar is the best and least harmful product to use, is is so pungent that it attacks the skin particles without damaging them, then wash thoroughly as it smells badly.

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@hungryhungryhortence is correct. Color removes color, at least with professional lines. I’m sure it’s the same with boxed color.

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Nail polish remover.

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prevention is better than cure – before attempting to colour your hair, massage some petroleum jelly or moisturiser into any skin that is likely to come into contact with the dye, it works!

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