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Do you work out ? Can you recommend a Home Gym?

Asked by philosopher (9202points) December 16th, 2009

I do my elliptical for 30 minutes to an hour 3 times or more per week. I use free weights. I work out at home. I do Yoga stretches and breathing .
I use to take Aerobics classes at the gym but doing everything at home takes less time.
I wish I had a decent Home Gym . The prices are ridiculous . I don’t know enough about them . Do you know about Home Gyms?

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I work out everyday.I do some form of aerobic exercise daily-usually walking.As for a home gyms?You could do just fine using free weights.I do this 6 days per week.The heaviest I lift are 25 lb dumbells.Alot cheaper than a home gym and takes up far less room!!

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I bought a bunch of used free weights cheap and installed a pull up bar in my door. pushups are also great

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I do work out 5 days a week but I am not strong willed enough to motivate myself to work out from home so I go to a gym.

Why don’t you try resistance bands or Dyna bands instead of free weights for a home gym. its cheaper and though weights are freely available in a gym I prefer to use these bands as I find they give a better work out.

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I use a bowflex about 4 times a week for 20–30 min at a time, after 5 years I don’t have the rock hard body like the ad’s show but it has helped my cardio & endurance without a doubt

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Daily and yes I can. I could also bore the snot out of you on this topic. So my Q’s to you would be: What is your goal/intent? Is this a whim or are you willing to exercise when all you want is a doughnut? Do you have the space, time or money? My first suggestion is simple: For a week do a little of everything, walk, jog, push-ups/sit-ups, take the stairs (upstairs preferably). Your body will tell you what it likes/dislikes. Oh yea, the equipment. Nothing will help you if you don’t use it.

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