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Is there a better way to remove ear wax build up?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) December 16th, 2009

I bought ear wax removal But the ear stuff wouldn’t get any of the crap out of my ear. It just seemed to make it more clogged. Any ideas?

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Go to doctors office – have ear syringed.

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I think the ENT Dr I went to used warm water w/hydrogen peroxide & alcohol in it…or you could Google it! :-)

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I went to the doctors they said just to use the removal and it should get rid of it

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The best way to remove an ear wax “clot” is to have an “Alexander’s wash”. It is performed by an ENT Dr and it is very simple, they actually wash your ear with a syringe. It’s painless and you will have your hearing back :)

You may be prescribed with some drops that you are supposed to apply to your ear for a few days before the ear wash.

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You really ought to let the doctor do it. My ENT says that some of that stuff could damage your eardrum and you’re only given two

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My girlfriend picks it out of my ear with the opposite side of her hair pluckers, it works great and I haven’t had any problems. She’s been doing it for over a year now.

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How could earwax get that bad? I just use a q tip or a washcloth. I didn’t know this was a big problem for some people.

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Here are some ways.

You don’t have to go to a doctor’s office to get it done by a medical professional though. The nurse practitioners do it at the Wal-greens clinics on a walk-in basis, and they work on the weekends.

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@La_chica_gomela Interesting to know . How much do these nurse practioniers charge ?

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I have no idea. I’m sure you could call. And they take insurance just like a regular doctor’s office.
I don’t know if insurance typically covers have one’s ears cleaned, but what the heck!

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I used to actually go deaf from ear wax. ( @Miles It’s hereditary )

At the doctor’s they used a squeeze bulb syringe and warm water, to flush my ear again and again until the wax fell out. It took at least 10 or 15 minutes.

So then I knew what to do. I bought a syringe & the drops. 2 or 3 times a year I put the drops in one ear, lie down for a while, and then wash it out in the shower. Olive oil works just as well the fluid they sell with the syringe.

Ewww, I can’t believe I’m sharing this.

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I let my two dogs lick my ears clean while we are grooming each other.

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Lol thanks guys. ya some people get a over production of ear wax that u just cant get rid of it sucks. Its only in my one ear.

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And Blondesjon Ewww lol

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Damn. I was going to say get your ears syringed like my brother but everyone else took that answer.

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Lol thanks guys. I got it syringed and the one feels a lot better.

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warm olive oil works wonders

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