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Any advice concerning my ex?

Asked by belakyre (2123points) December 17th, 2009

Okay. Here’s the story. My ex and I broke up almost a year ago (to those who are curious, she was the one who broke it up). Now, she recently had a crush on a guy who IN TURN likes a girl who some people deem as a “slut”. Okay, the term is demeaning, but this situation is getting her quite upset and everything I have learned in the past 14 years I have lived is really not helping much. She’s really sad and all and I still love her (if she finds out this website, I am so screwed) so I am asking you all to please…please give me suggestions in how to help her out of this depression.

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I’d suggest to just be there for her. Let her rant to you, complain, whatever. Let her talk to you and let her know that you’re there if she needs anyone. She’ll remember, in the future, that you were there for her and hopefully that will help her to see that you still care about her.

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@troubleinharlem Thank you very much for replying so soon! I’ll take your advice to heart, though I doubt she’ll remember!

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as you are her ex she may be playing up to you, i had a friend once who ex would always get “depressed” when he started to enjoy his life again, be careful that shes not using the situation to get attention from you, in what ever form. if she knows you still love her but she wants this other guy , what better way to keep you on side than to be “depressed” and turn to you for help that way she can get attention/ love from you and still want someone else.
i might be wrong , but people can be funny . you sound like a sensitive lad . protect yourself.

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Be careful as you might be setting yourself up for an additional heartache,I understand that you might still have feelings for her but you need to move on and let her live her own life,whether she’s on top of the world or falling on her face !

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yes, just be there for her. if there’s one thing i have learned in 22 yrs it’s that girls like to have someone who will listen to them.

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