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I need a better gift pronto?

Asked by icehky06 (891points) December 21st, 2009

My twin and I get eachother gifts every year for christmas obviously. To make a long story short I only had $25 dollars left when I was shopping and got her a iTunes giftcard. She had $150 and obviously got something outrageously cool. I need a better gift! What should I get! Ahh I need some groovy gift ideas lickety split!

She has a laptop,iTouch,all nessasary needs to survive.

I’m thinking about picture frames? Or a pet? Who knows

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Well at least a pet can be free – at a shelter

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I wouldn’t get anyone a pet.They might kick your butt for that!lol!Picture frames with a nice photo of you two togethe rmight be nice along with a handwritten letter.Those are a very nice thing to get :)

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Only get her a pet if you’re sure she wants one and will take care of it. This happens way too often.

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Is it a competition?

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A scrapbook of your lives together? It just takes pictures ( has 1 hour photo), tape, an album, and some creativity.

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digital picture frames are nice.

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What’s a gift pronto?

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@filmfann Aren’t they pricier than $25, though?

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Owait, you had $25… I need to ready these questions more carefully.

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Do you have anything nostalgic you can recycle into a gift? A picture, souvenir, collectible you both enjoyed together growing up! A poster or card or I love you sis type poem you could frame might be sweet.

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@erichw1504 pronto is right away/fast.

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A pet isn’t a good idea. It kinda presents an obligation the recipient may not have wanted i.e. getting it food and vet bills and shit. If you know she already has iTunes then you prolly did fine. It will be something she can use.

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@JLeslie What’s a fast gift? A remote control car?

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@Likeradar @Cruiser You guys are absolutely onto something!!

I think they’d appreciate a sentimental gift over a pricey one. Whatever you do, don’t get a pet. It’s one of the worst things you can do, as the animal is simply discarded if the person doesn’t want it, and that would rest on your shoulders.

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@King_of_Sexytown Well said. You wouldn’t hand someone a newborn either.

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How about a USB memory stick for her laptop… That plus the itunes card that you have already brought her, should be plenty :)

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@erichw1504 Well, I suppose it would be fun to see the look on their face…

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I would NEVER get anyone a pet…. pets are way too personal and cost a lot of upkeep and time ; if taken care of properly….

However; a Digital Picture Frame would be GREAT…. there is a wide variety of frames and styles to choose from….

OR; Perhaps a day spa visit ? etc…

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Stick with your gift, and do something for her that is a gift of time. You don’t have to keep up with her monetarily.

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Do you have any artistic inclinations – can you make her a collage, drawing, painting, something that shows her you invested a bunch of time? Or, if you’re short on cash, how about using ebay to find something really sentimental from your childhood that will show her you remember something special that you enjoyed together as kids (how old is she?). Finally, if you can come up with some extra money, I think buying someone a gift certificate for a massage is usually very appreciated…it may not be a material gift but it relieves stress and treats people to something that they might not buy for themselves.

Do you live in the same city? If not, how about buying yourself some time by giving her a nicely-made card that has a handmade gift-certificate for a “sister’s weekend” where you will take her out to show her a great time in the city where you live? Tell her it includes some surprise treats and then you’ll have more time to think about it and figure out where you want to take her when she comes to town.

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oops, nevermind, I see from your profile that you guys are 15…so in that case, I think the homemade gift is probably your best bet – the photo album idea is great too.

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Would she shop any of these stores you could get a gift card for?

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Maybe a subscription to an online game, or game magazine?

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Thank you everyone! I’m going to type a letter of our lives together all 15 years of it haha..better get started..errr

: )

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