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What is an occupation that has three sets of double letters such as balloon has two sets of double letters ll and oo?

Asked by shian13 (9points) February 27th, 2008
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Trsk tsk. Cheating on TTT is a no-no, remember?.

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Call the TTT po po!

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what does call the TTY ok pp mean?

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oops i meant ttt po po.

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It’s this silly website that purports to be some sort of quiz, but really, if you can understand what they’re asking for in the question then you can find the answers by search engine. Full disclosure: one of my first fluther questions was also about the T___ T___ T___. (I won’t name it here. I don’t want others to waste their time.) It was a brief (week-long) episode and it faded. My love of Fluther has not.
Viva la Jellyfish!

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po po = police

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wastemen, ayyyyy bruv was the answer famalam

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