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Could you share some teenage friend advice and relationship building ideas?

Asked by Macaulay (778points) January 2nd, 2010

As a New Year Resolution, I vowed to develop and rekindle closer friendships. I live in a small mountain town, attend school in another city, and stay with my boyfriend in Atlanta a good bit. It seems that when I changed schools, I lost contact with a fair amount of my hometown friends. I don’t drive, so making plans with anyone proves difficult. My boyfriend and I have a lot of mutual friends, but I’d like to meet some new people at school. Moreover, I’d like to rekindle some relationships here in Dahlonega.
Advice? Recollections? Eh?

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Hate to be a promoter, but if you go to or Facebook you may be able to find your old buddies and keep in touch long-distance, if you have a computer.

For making new friends, you just have to get out there and meet people. You may not find real friends the first few times you start to mingle, but eventually you will find people you are comfortable hanging out with. That means, attending local events, school events, joining school teams you may have an interest in.

In the meantime, don’t get too lonely while waiting for your social scene to improve. Maybe do some solitary activities for a while like reading good books, learning a new sport, watching some movies and doing things that would help you grow as a person.

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Yeah check out Facebook, but also try being more social. What does being social mean? It means talking to people. Say hi to people in class. Start conversations about class assignments, politics, etc. Try smiling more often too.

Don’t just sit at home in front of the computer, or texting people. Do you have the phone numbers of old friends? Then call them.

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You are at that time of life where everything is in flux and attempting to ground yourself on the ever changing highway of life you are on would be futile. Just enjoy the ride and take lots of pictures along the way.

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Hi, Macaulay. I am very famililar with Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, it’s surrounding counties, and basically most of north Georgia. I was born in Atlanta, and raised in the northern metro counties. My relatives are from all over that area.

Dahlonega has exploded in population over the past decade, driving up property values. It now has two distinct demographics…...the proverbial “rednecks” (good ole boys, let’s say) and those with money who moved there because they fell in love with the idea of living in cabins amongst the mountain laurels. These people are educated and indeed make a comfortable living.

I don’t know any detail about you (which is fine. Stay safe on the internet!) but if you have a disdain for ignorance, you’ll have a hard time making friends with many locals. IT isn’t that they try to be uneducated; it’s that they couldn’t afford it. Georgia schools were near the bottom in education when compared to all 50 states. This didn’t change until recent times.

Try to develop a love for hunting and fishing if you haven’t already. This is a BIG part of life in that area. Learn to field dress a deer, and you’ll never run out of dates on a Saturday night :)

All outdoor activities are a booming business, as are antiques. Horse riding (there are several polo fields, too), rafting (nothing major. Class 1 and 2 rapids only on the Chattahoochee river, unless you want to hit the Natahala river, which is awesome), hiking, and boating are all offered, and can be done year-round, except for rafting. Dahlonega is famous for it’s gold panning in the shallow tributaries and streams, and for thier fall festivals.

The local feel is decidedly laid back. They still have quilting bees, for God’s sake. Homemade crafts are another boon for the area, although I don’t really care for country themes. There is not a lot of activities for teens in the area. You may want to reconsider that not driving idea. Dahlonega is a commute to Atlanta straight down interstate 400S. There IS a bowling lane there that also has a skating rink and pool tables. That’s about it, though.

Anything you care to know, feel free to ask :)

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i only talk to one person from my hometown and have very few friends that i’m really close with. and i still see people i went to school with try looking some up on facebook? everyone seems to have one.

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Find someone you have common interests in by joining certain clubs at school that you are interested in. Talk to as many people as you can…dont be afraid.

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I would have to agree with the people who have said Facebook for rekindling old relationships and friendships. I’m not a big fan of Facebook but since I got on it, just last year I have gotten back in touch with an old friend from high school, a lot of old college friends, and my whole damn family seems to be on it. Aunts, uncles, cousins…. it’s a good way to stay in touch if you want to. Making friends IRL, that’s a little more complicated, particularly if you don’t live and go to school in the same town. Maybe you just have to try a little harder. I don’t make friends easily, but when your in school, that’s a great time and circumstance to make lasting friendships. You have a lot in common with everyone, you have the same things to celebrate and gripe about…. but, in the end, I’m not sure what the answer is.

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I’m doing the same. I’ve found that just hanging around campus is a great way to socialize. instead of going right back home after class, i hangout, grab a coffee, or have a smokein the smoking section. nobody can smoke in silence. and since i’m a college student, i’m obviously broke. my favourite way of starting up a conversation with a stranger is “Could you be a dear and bum a smoke to a broke student?”
local events and clubs are awesome too.
oh, and facebook is woooonderful!

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To build any relation with anyone you should talk in soft and polite way.Be tolerance and care of others.

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