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Should she like him or hate them?

Asked by Jessipoo (18points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

ok so there I’d this girl she has been my friend ferlike forever!!but she likes this guy we call him cheesy.he “leads her on“to thinking he likes her by like inviting here to go ice skating with him, go to his hockey game.but when she finally thinks he likes her he asks out one of her friends??and the friend says yes!the friend only knew cheesy for 1 day!!should she still like him cuz she still does have feelings for him but he did that to her??should she hate him or like him still??

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cheesy could just like her as a friend and not be leading her on. If I was her I would ask him out on a date and see what happens.

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She has “feelings” for him even though she never dated? That’s called attraction or infatuation, and it’s a very poor reason to make any sort of decision. He was more interested in her friend than in her, so he asked her friend out.

I don’t think there’s any call for hate here; I think “this girl” needs to abandon the drama and get a grip on herself.

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I don’t think she should hate him, but I also don’t think she should waste alot of time of someone that shows interest in more than one person. Tell her to move on and find a boy that will give her the respect she deserves.

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its pretty apparent that she shouldn’t date cheesy if he does something like that, though it is certainly not reason a hate him either. You can’t decide whether or not to like someone or hate them, you just do. Hate is like love, you know it when you feel it. But anyways, what he did was disrespectful and if they ever dated it sounds like he’d have to make up for it and he’d be doing the asking out.

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I certainly don’t think she shout hate him, they are not going out together on a regular basis.

Perhaps he is just trying to be a good friend to lots of people he knows.

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