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If you drink 4-5 cans of coke a day for a year what would happen?

Asked by disturbed_broken (753points) January 9th, 2010

How many pounds of sugar would that be?
would there be any health problems?

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If everyone else on the planet did the same thing, their CEO would receive an unbelievable Christmas bonus this year.

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You will be the gassiest person on the block for sure. LOL
and your kidneys would hate you and show you how much.

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Nutritional information

13g sugar * 4.5 * 365 = 21352.5 grams of sugar = 47 lbs of sugar

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I did it for years but I also led a very active life and ate healthily other than the addiction to CocaCola. Then my lifestyle changed and I didn’t get nearly the exercise and I did start to put on weight. So I decided to give up all sugar and caffeine. Now I allow myself 1 can of sprite zero per day. I have lost the extra weight and feel great.

It probably won’t kill you (it didn’t me) but it sure isn’t good for you either.

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Did some homework for you and this is what I found:
“coke is the worst soft drink out there. if a person drinks to much coke, their body becomes acidic. this is bad, they are more prone to lots of illnesses, such as: cancer, stroke, heart problems,fevers, colds, and lots of other things that i can’t think of right now. alot of illnesses prefer an acidic body to flourish in. the bones are weak because the body is acidic, in other words the acid from the coke is eating away at her bones. the acid also eats away at the lining that surrounds your bones. people don’t realize how bad coke really is for you. you may as well be drinking alchol everyday. it’s just as bad or worse. i mean think about it..if coke can polish chrome.emagine what it does to the tender tissue inside your body.” -Yellow B. of Yahoo Answers (she got the answer from a doctor & specialist that she works for).

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A diet that contains 4.5 cokes per day yields an extra 140*4.5 = 700 calories per day. An average person would weigh about 72 pounds more than if they had not had those cokes and those calories.

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How many pounds of sugar would you be consuming a year?

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You wouldn’t have any teeth left.

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4.5 cokes * 39 grams of sugar * 365 days = 64057 grams = 64 kilograms = 64*2.2 =147 lbs of sugar

@phoenyx My coke can says 39 grams of sugar. Am I missing something?

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Probably not much would happen if it was just a few years, it really matters on the individual and how prone you are to sugar problems and how many sugars and carbs you were consuming besides the soda. You also would not be absorbing vitamins and minerals as well, so that isn’t good. When I used to drink a lot of soda I almost never ate dessert. Not because I was controlling myself, but because I had no craving for it; I figure I was already sugared up. Honestly, in the last ten years I rarely drink soda and I am fatter now than when I used to drink it. I used to drink 2–3 cans a day. Still, I think soda in general is bad for your health. The caffiene is addicting so you will become dependent or suffer the consequences of a bad headache and falling asleep everywhere when you don’t get your fix. Also, you most likely will feel like shit in the morning, coming off of your drug overnight.

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I did this in elementray school… I ended up with fragile bones and I had anxiety and was a class clown…I stayed up all night and watched t.v. I refused to do homework and I skipped school from being so tired…I’ve had 15 broken bones over a ten year period….

Is It due to the Coke? and why do I still keep drinking it….It makes me feel good…in the moment.

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@talljasperman – I agree, I love the damned stuff! But I have been off it so long now, I actually feel bad, weird, strange when I drink it.

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@6rant6 I must have typed it into the calculator incorrectly; your figure is correct.

+5 lurve for double-checking my math.

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Probably diabetes, maybe death if undiagnosed and the drinking continued. I had a friend who ended up in a wheelchair (can’t move his legs) after waking up in a hospital to find out he had diabetes. Another friend went through 4 cases of soft drinks every two weeks (don’t know what that computes to) before being diagnosed with the disease several years later. The pancreas can’t handle that much sugar.

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My mom got swollen lymph nodes which were extremely painful. She was a single mother running on coca-cola as one of her main food items due to being on the go and our money situation.
I also found this that might be of interest Can drinking too much soda really paralyze you?

I believe a good balance is important like most things. I wouldn’t recommend over doing any one thing.

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I just need to point out, as I usually do, that orange juice has the same amount of sugar as coke. Not sure about things like Kool Aid or sweet tea, etc, Depending on what you are drinking instead of coke, the sugar might not be that different. Although, orange juice is acidic and will aid in absorbing vitamins and minerals, which is better than soda as ling as the acid doesn’t bother your tummy.

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Coke also has phosphoric acid which is linked with increased bone porosity (OSTEOPOROSIS).

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In 2007 I quit drinking sodas (about 3 a day) except as a treat when dining out and the first month off of them I lost about 10 lbs just as I was told by other people who’d quit. Aside from that, my moods improved incredibly in that I was a lot more even keeled. Sugar is so sneaky and the cravings to get to you build up are fierce and quick.

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Ugh, I am completed addicted to soda. I can’t help it. I could give up every other food in the world except for soda (and chocolate, but I’m a girl, so that counts more as a mental-health supplement anyway).

I’ve known people that drank far more than five sodas per day, and nothing really happened except they gained some weight. All that sugar really spikes your blood sugar. Long term, I think if you paired it with a similarly unhealthy diet, you’d probably start racking up medical bills

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@borderline_blonde – This is how it worked for me, sugar is addictive and it is hidden in so many foods. If you can just stay off of it for a couple of days, stuff yourself with protein and veg, avoid white carbs and anything obviously full of sugar, the cravings will disappear. I can’t believe it but I really don’t crave it anymore. I do have a coke now and again and an ice too, but I am no long addicted.

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@rooeytoo: I was pretty miserable for the first two months when I quite sodas, juices, snacks, sugar in my tea, etc. but once I cleaned out then I noticed my cravings for salt and carbs really reduced too and I was thrilled. To me, giving up the soda made everything else fall in line.

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@hungryhungryhortence – same for me, it was amazing. Were you on a specific diet or just got off the soda?

Someone in fluther mentioned The Food Tree diet. I bought the book and it explains the whole sugar addiction. I recommend it to everyone now.


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@rooeytoo: no diet, just lose the soda, lose as many added other sugars and eat half of what was served me.

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Ok so coke is bad for you. What about pepsi? I’m addicted to it. I basically only drink pepsi. No joke. I’d estimate about 5 glasses a day. (From a 2 liter, not a can) Is this as bad as drinking coke?

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Yes it’s just as bad. The factories that produce coke actually use it to to clean their trucks because it is so corrosive. Now just imagine what it would do to your teeth and body drinking it everyday.

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@HTDC I’m confused…the factories that produce coke uses coke to clean their trucks? Or pepsi? So does pepsi contain the same harmful ingredients as coke?

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I used to drink a lot of coke as a child and almost felt like I couldn’t function without it. As an adult, I very very rarely drink it and find that when I do I feel:

- Bloated
– Sickly
– Stomach pains
– Furry teeth
– Stiff

I know this because ironically I have just had 2 small glasses of coke while surfing Fluther and saw this question. Not a nice feeling at all. I’m sure the body becomes desensitised to this sort of thing but ultimately, it is still damaging the body.

I personally suggest you consider limiting your coke consumption.

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I drink ~3 cans of Pepsi daily. I’ve done this probably for about four or five years now. Sometimes I drink Pepsi with breakfast, if I have breakfast. Aside from some tea and even less water, it’s the only thing I drink.

I’m underweight so I can afford the extra sugar. The only ostensible difference right now is that I need to make an effort to brush my teeth more often.

But I’m sure the long-term effects will be terrible and forthcoming within the next five years or so. Probably I’ll be minus an esophagus.

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@absalom: Please quit while you’re ahead (or behind)! Stop drinking the stuff for breakfast at least. Start cutting down. Don’t pay Pepsi (or Coke) to make you ill. A friend I know was diagnosed with diabetes and he has been slim his entire life. He drank a lot of sodas.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Yes, Coke and Pepsi, all dark sodas have the phosphates and sugar everyone is talking about.

@hungryhungryhortence @rooeytoo when I quit soda I did not lose any weight, I have gained since. I did feel better after getting through the worst of it, but I relate it to the caffiene addiction.

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@JLeslie: keeping caffiend was something I did on purpose to ease my addiction to the sugars. I started drinking coffee in the morning which I’d rarely done and I would drink cup after cup of warm or hot water during the day in order to purge my system but also stay full in between good foods instead of eating bags of Cheez Its which were my bane, so easy cute and available in the vending machine.

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@hungryhungryhortence Interesting. I quit Coke because of the caffiene, not because of the sugar.

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@disturbed_broken This turned out quite informative. Good Question!

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@rooeytoo glad to know I’m not the only one who has suffered a “coke” addiction. I definitely noticed before that when I stopped eating any grains or refined sugars that I stopped craving the soda as well… I really need to get back on that. I definitely felt a lot better.

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I’ve drank about 2–4 cans of Coke daily for about 7–8 years now.

My teeth are fine, I don’t have diabetes, I’m 5’11 and weigh about 150 lbs. I can run up 20 flights of stairs without being winded (and this also despite the fact I smoke almost a pack a day). Nutrition ‘facts’ are fine as a generalization, but the individuals genetics and body chemistry are always going to make a difference.

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@syzygy2600 wow, you definitely have some good genetics at work! Do you have an otherwise great diet? Do you exercise regularly? I think that having a couple vices (such as smoking [which I do] and drinking soda [which I also do]) can definitely be counteracted by having an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

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@borderline_blonde that is a pretty good point, I do excercise regulalry. (3 times a week minimum). I wouldn’t say that my diet is great, because I don’t really worry about what I eat. I eat fast food at least twice a week. But, I do eat a fair ammount of fruits and vegetables as well.

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Thanks for all the information everyone!!
I was just wondering because my grandma does this and is completely addicted and is diagnosed with MS. So I was wondering the health effects.

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@disturbed_broken Just a suggestion, have your grandma get a blood test to have her vitamin D checked.

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