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How can doctors tell if you are a virgin or not ?

Asked by allie01 (8points) January 24th, 2010

what if your cherry is already popped by a tampon ?

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:), looks at your woody

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I think this is probably the best answer that could be gotten, though the surrounding issues of OB/GYNs informing parents about a teen girl having had sex are with a US-based qualifier.

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GA, @aprilsimnel

The short answer is: They can’t.

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One can usually tell if the hymen (cherry) is torn, but it doesn’t matter. I tore mine when I was very young due to gymnastics and martial arts.

Also, if you have an STD, that’s a pure give away ;)

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they just know. those doctors get so much kitty, they just know.

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If the hymen is torn. A doctor can observe this anytime that he has to look at your vaginal canal. If you tore your hymen with a tampon, he will think you are not a virgin.

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if you can move your hips to a funky beat

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@aprilsimnel ‘s link is excellent. Occasionally, I need to do a pelvic exam on a virgin. Frequently, the hymenal ring is narrow enough that the digital exam part of the exam needs to be done with one finger instead of two. But there’s a wide range, from similar to a woman who has had vaginal intercourse to so narrow I can’t get even one finger all the way in. In rare cases, a girl can have a completely imperforate hymen, in which case even menstrual blood can’t leave the body. That will cause problems after a few months and has to be treated with a minor surgical procedure.

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Even pregnancy can be achieved with a turkey baster and a good friend, so there’s really no way to know unless you tell the doc.

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Can you have intercourse without the hymen being torn?

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@oratio – No. Some are stretchier than others (it already has a hole in it) and .03% of females are born without one.

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If your hymen has already been broken… (which can happen anyway from a tampon to horseback riding) he shouldn’t be able to tell….) unless you;ve been AROUND…. and then it will be obvious.. u know :/

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@Chellabella STDs are diseases that can be transmitted through intercourse. They do not require intercourse to be transmitted.

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Please don’t say “cherry” and “popped”. Do you even know what that means?
Do you know what a hymen is?

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@Chellabella – Some children catch STDs from their mother either in utero or during vaginal birth. That’s why you’re suppose to have C sections if you have certain STD’s.

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Yes, you can. Some of us have very resilient hymens, and were in for a very painful surprise about a month and a half after getting married.

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They can’t tell. If you are lucky the hymen is already broken before having sex. Who wants to worry about that their first time.

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@JLeslie I agree. It sucks its painful and kinda ruins your first time…

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