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What does heat in a muscle mean?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) January 25th, 2010

My friend was complaining all day that her leg was “warm” and said it didn’t hurt, it was just hot. I think this is really weird. Apparently ice doesn’t help, and she’s just been letting it be all day. She’d worked out on the weekend, but i doubt that would cause heat to occur today would it? Anyone got any ideas?

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Basically inflammation. The muscle is swelling with the extra blood flow in the overworked area it will feel warmer than the surrounding tissue. Keep the ice and Ibuprofen to control the swelling and not work out so hard next time.

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@Flo_Nightengale why call the docter? wat if its nothing? i’d feel bad for making her go, get everyone worried, and not be able to finish homework because of it…

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Also, there’s no swelling at all…

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It may be a sign of overwork, but may also be a sign of infection. That’s why @Flo_Nightengale recommends medical attention.

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Well it MIGHT and I say might be an embolism. Anything that does not feel right in our bodies is a warning, especially pain. Pain is a warning that something is wrong with us.
I am not diagnosing here nor will I ever. My role is to guide you.

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@Flo_Nightengale there’s no pain. just heat

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When I first read your question what automatically came into mind was sepsis which is basically infection. Has she had a recent injury, tattoo, anything to where she could have gotten an infection?

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We need @shilolo!

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As Jane Fonda used to say: “Feel the burn!”

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