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What's the coolest jellyfish?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) March 2nd, 2008

As this site’s theme is jellyfish, I thought I’d ask Flutherites which they think is the coolest. I vote for the Bluebottle Jellyfish

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I’d have to say the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. it is the largest and “coolest” because it lives in artic waters. Great question by the way! It made me look at some pretty neat stuff on jellyfish!!

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ze portugese man of war

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Yup… Diego has chosen wisely…
Portuguese Man of War, kinda like the Mac Daddy of Jelly Fish….

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arctic lions mane jellyfish.

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<—- this one

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Portuguese Man o’ War is lethal and beautiful but officially not a jellyfish. So treatment, if stung, would be different.

Man o’ War

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gailcalled , Your link leads to a definition of portugese, not the Man o” War. here’s a new link.’_War

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@Scamp: Thanks. I had trouble w. the “textile” mark-up and then had to go out. I appreciate you finding the correct link.

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You’re very welcome! glad to help.

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Any deep sea jelly with bioluminescence

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Black Sea Nettle which is rare and recently visited San Diego;s=1;dm=ss;p=news;w=750
Turritopsis nutricula because it’s virtually imortal

However uberbatman’s choice looks pretty cool

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wow ironhiway i didn’t know about the turritopsis nutricula i love marine life so that was really cool to learn about

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How about a jellyfish that is larger than a scuba diver? Yikes!

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