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Can't install google chrome. may it need a windows service?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) February 12th, 2010

I’m on WinXp sp3. And ocasionally disabled some windows services to speed up the system; installed Google Chrome 3, and can’t update it. I run the google chrome last version and it just do nothing. at all. So i turned on the google update service. and some windows installer service on, but after turn on all these services its the same thing. Maybe google chrome needs some specific windows service to run correctly… does anybody know which one?

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I can’t tell you for sure, sorry. My suggestion would be to find your original installation disk, (if you have it) and reinstall the software while keeping your other files in tact.

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To the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t not need any services that are not required by other browsers, such as Firefox. However, updates for pretty much anything do require certain services, though I can’t think of any that are Chrome-specific. Can you get Windows updates normally, or are those b0rked as well?

The moral of the story is to be careful which services you disable. The only ones I disable are for security (like shutting down Messenger (not to be confused with MSN Messenger) since the only use for it it to spread viruses) since I never noticed any real speed improvements when I went shutting stuff down willy-nilly, though I did notice some stability issues.

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I’m guessing that something about XPS3 and your later versions of Chrome (Beta?) don’t work together because Chrome is in Beta. Switch to a stable release of Chrome (3) and I don’t think you’ll have any problems. If not, it might be one of the settings on your computer, like you said, and from there, it’s really guess and check.

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Thanks guys, but i only disabled those google update and the messenger and windows installer services, had Chrome3 stable installed but i never figured it out how to update it; it displayed the update window but a sytem notification of its failure to update. And yes, i receive windows updates periodically.
So i went to service manager, turned on the services I mentioned before and try again. no luck. I thought: “maybe if i uninstall chrome and install an stable Older version, it will update itself” so i did, but no luck again. Chrome 3 didnt respond when I executed the ChromeSetup.exe. It just do NOTHING. not even the hourglass cursor… I run the chrome195.38 setup and the same thing. Now I’ve lost Chrome and can’t find how to get it back!

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Ok, now i’m enabling all the disabled services; not automatic, just putting them manual and following their dependancies… and i’m not getting any result at all. I dont know, but i’m enabling services that, the way i see it, dont have anything to do with google… hmmm i’ll keep looking for it

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Has anyone figured out this thing yet? I’m doing the same thing. After disabling some Windows XP SP3 Services Google Chrome stopped working.

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