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Does anyone remember this fictional tale?

Asked by Traci007 (8points) February 12th, 2010

It starts off with a scared woman who is home alone one night while her husband is on a business trip. She decides to call him, but the operator is finding it difficult to connect them. Majority of the story is covered by responses between the operator and the woman. The woman becomes increasingly anxious and in the end, a night train passes and she is killed. I think her husband kills her? It was planned all along.

Does anyone remember this? I read this back in high school. It was a short story. Sorry if it sounds vague but that’s the best I could do. I tried google, but with no luck.

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“Sorry, Wrong Number”. anyway, you don’t have to say “fictional tale”. you can just say story. fictional tale would mean a tale that didn’t exist.

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Hey I remember that story. It got a little confusing at around the end though.

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That’s also a movie with Barbara Stanwick and Burt Lancaster; she’s an invalid in bed and overhears the phone conversation.

Two other great thrillers are Midnight Lace with Doris Day and Rex Harrison, and Beware, My Lovely with Robert Ryan and Ida Lupino.

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“Gas Light” is another eerie story along those lines. Very well done with a very young Angela Landsbury in the lead. Well worth watching.

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@Dog Ingrid Bergman actually plays the lead in Gaslight with Charles Boyer as her crazy making husband. Lansbury has a small role as an impertinent sexy maid. Joseph Cotten is the local police detective.

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I do remember a story like that,but I liked “Gaslight” better and have seen it many times:)

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@MagsRags Oh you are so right! Lurve! I really must rent that movie again.

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